Stock Picks for 2013!

Who out here has been reading DQYDJ for the last year... show of hands?  Remember last year we entered into a friendly contest at Financial Uproar where we wanted to demonstrate our stock picking prowess to a skeptical audience (because auditing my returns wasn't enough!). So, even though we beat the S&P in 2012, we didn't win (we got … [Read more...]

(Actually Good) 2012 Year End Tax Tips

Reading personal finance web sites is always funny this time of year.  The end of the year is filled with articles about how to save money on taxes in the current year... 2012.  Unfortunately for those recycled articles ("ain't nothing changed 'cept the date!") that isn't such a great idea this next year.  So here goes - things that I have been … [Read more...]

The DQYDJ Weekender, 12/22/2012

Back to Boston tomorrow - let me know if you see a depressing trend on this site as I flip from 60-70 degree days to snow! Links We Liked! Math-Major Greg at Control Your Cash gives us a lesson on estimating odds - and he knows that you most likley aren't very good at doing it.  Your choice quote?  "In our example, it doesn’t matter what you … [Read more...]

Is Social Security a Good Investment?

It may be hard to recall now, but in 2004 a President won his election while promising to reform Social Security to allow private accounts.  George Bush ultimately failed at that goal, but with Social Security again in the limelight during the whole "Fiscal Cliff" overreaction, we wanted to toss some facts out there to see if the universe is still … [Read more...]

Got Debt? Intellect Trumps Emotion.

Newsflash: the ability to apply your intelligence to problems and questions you have is more important than your ability to apply emotion. Intelligent Personal Finance Ignore the charlatans that tell you that your first inclination is the best response.  Gut feelings, emotions, and soft reactions have no place in the debt relief plans of … [Read more...]

The DQYDJ Weekender, 12/15/2012

  Did you know that we have hundreds of broken links in our archives?  No?  You don't care? Well, I'm fixing them anyway. So dive in and read them. Timeless Finance Welcome Timeless Finance to our blogroll - they may not always show up since life is random and unfair, but I assure you they are worth reading.  Go do it now, … [Read more...]

Oh Yeah? THAT’S the Problem With Congress?

I just wanted to share with you folks a quick hit from exiting Republican Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana, who was defeated in the Senate primary by Richard Mourdock.  Mourdock lost in the general, after making controversial statements on rape.  But he's not the story here. Senator Lugar gave a speech at the moderate Ripon Society ripping what … [Read more...]

The Earth Is Flat! Why a Flatter Tax Code is Better (The No Math Edition!)

"Cut rates and eliminate deductions", as a bumper sticker (ahem, Twitter) length quote, started to reenter the public consciousness again during the recent Presidential election.  The phrase came to be associated with Mitt Romney, although, to be fair, he was almost forced into a position on rates by refusing to detail his stance on taxes during … [Read more...]

Should We Cut Spending or Raise Taxes To Avoid Driving Off The Fiscal Cliff?

Isn't it funny how a wonky topic like the Fiscal Cliff can so grab the public's collective consciousness, yet learning the relatively easy math skills to understand it doesn't seem to be in vogue. Well, America (/World, since this site does have a rather active international readership), it's your lucky day!  I'll make this simple and talk right … [Read more...]

The DQYDJ Weekender, 12/9/2012

Hallmark Channel How much Hallmark Channel are you all watching?  Sure, I'm mostly working on random stuff around the house, but I've caught a lot of it.  I can pretty much predict the plot from the first five minutes - but that's probably the point, right? Links We Liked! Because Darwin's children are human (and won't get too excited … [Read more...]

Wealth is Not Income

One of the mass illusions which has mesmerized the American people in recent memory is the conflation of income and wealth.  They are two topics that are, of course, intertwined (and correlated) - but not necessarily good proxies for each other.  Here's how it generally goes: News interviews small business owner, usually making a bit more than a … [Read more...]

The Dividend Cliff

Seriously, folks.  This topic is serious enough for me to write two articles about it. Since the last time we covered the forthcoming dividend tax increases, a few things have happened: Barack Obama was reelected President The Senate and the House remained in the hands of the Democrats and the Republicans, respectively (meaning the … [Read more...]

The DQYDJ Weekender, 12/2/2012

Stupid Old Hardware Tricks December is usually the time of year we knock out some of our stupid projects that have piled up over the year.  Last year we wrote a script which used options prices to predict closing prices (since broken, but we'll fix it).  This year, I've got it in my head to get old computers on the Internet.  Results will be … [Read more...]