A Calculator for the Cyclically Adjusted PE Ratio (CAPE) – in Any Timeframe!

The Cyclically Adjusted Price to Earnings Ratio, also known as CAPE or the Shiller PE Ratio, is a measurement conceived by Robert Shiller which adjusts past company earnings by inflation to present a snapshot of stock market affordability at a given point in time. This calculator takes Shiller's initial calculation of a 10 year period on the … [Read more...]

When Having an Emergency Fund is the Right Move – Or, At Least, Not Counterproductive

We've got a bit of a hangup with emergency funds on this site - we feel that the advice to immediately save 6 months of living expenses in a low-interest high liquidity savings account isn't the best course of action for everyone trying to reduce their debt. In fact, the demand is counterproductive, in many cases.  Savings accounts pay maybe a … [Read more...]

Female Median and 90th Percentile Incomes Since The “Great Recession”

In our last piece (it was on male incomes since the Great Recession) we promised you we'd revisit the topic and chart female incomes by age since the recent Great Recession.  Don't ever let them tell you DQYDJ doesn't follow through on their promises! So continues our little journey through the IPUMS-CPS microdata.  We've been attempting to get … [Read more...]

Why Getting an Emergency Fund While in Debt Ignores the Real Emergency

Let's not bury the lede on this one: in any actual emergency situation I can imagine (short of losing my credit cards) my first move is to... pay for it with my credit cards. My opening sentence was way too verbose, but you know I can't stop a blog post there.  Let me go over the reasons why my emergency fund philosophy has evolved to my current … [Read more...]

The DQYDJ Weekender, 6/20/2015

I've got the motivation back on my graphics card project, ever since getting it running on a Raspberry Pi the other day.  Follow along here if you're interested in the "engineering hobby" side of PK.  (Yeah, yeah... I know - I have "interesting" hobbies.) Otherwise, you're in the right spot - the finance spot. Links We Liked! Hey, look, an … [Read more...]

Male Median and 90th Percentile Earnings Since the “Great Recession”

We've been taking you on a fascinating journey through the IPUMS-CPS microdata lately as we dig up hard-to-find (okay, maybe just obscure) data on how the economy has been running in the last couple decades. Today we will continue the series, for data from 2008 - 2014. Our most recent obsession, of course, has been "Income by Age" - or, … [Read more...]

How To Create a General Purpose Graphics Card With an FPGA

Recently, I finished the first working version of my VGA graphics card which I built using a 144 macrocell CPLD*.  It is capable of driving 640x480 by 8 bit color resolution on most any monitor which will take a VGA input, from almost anything which has an SPI output.  Here's a picture of it connected to a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B running Raspian and … [Read more...]

Inflation Expectations and Yields Take a Turn

This is a series we revisit pretty often because... well, it's so interesting.  As we've pointed out in the past, you can get pretty-much-realtime estimates about the market's inflation expectations by subtracting the yield on inflation adjusted instruments from the yields on treasuries.  That, of course, leaves you with 'expected CPI', which is … [Read more...]

Don’t Take All Your Investing Cues from What’s Popular

Let's have a psychology discussion today. While we're sure that you can find many blogs telling you not to invest in things just because they are currently popular - stocks, real estate, whatever - we want to touch on the emotions that investing can induce, especially in times of volatility - and especially for those of us who try to 'beat' the … [Read more...]

The DQYDJ Weekender, 6/6/2015

I'm getting (staying?) sloppy - I let an engineering post slip missing pictures and video.  Six years in and I still can't schedule correctly, haha. Let's try that again this week, shall we?  Don't tell your friends what it was; it's supposed to be a surprise!  (Plus I have to upload to YouTube - joy.) Anyway, here's some good stuff you … [Read more...]