The DQYDJ Weekender

Being from Boston and born into a family of Boston College Alumnis... that was a particularly painful loss yesterday. (Yes, worse than the Notre Dame losses... which weren't all that unexpected, eh?) Well, it's Sunday, and I haven't shared my fantasy team yet.  10 team, let me know how I did on the auction: QB Aaron Rodgers 56 RB Jamaal … [Read more...]

My Current Asset Allocation

When you follow an investment writer for a while, sometimes it's impossible to pin down his or her exact thoughts on the market. Let's face it - we writers are human, and as humans, we may present biased information without even knowing it.  That can come in a number of different forms - we might come off more bearish or bullish than we actually … [Read more...]

Actual Inflation and Dividend Adjusted Performance of the S&P 500 through Early September 2014

Hey folks, I feel like I dropped the ball on this one - I had wanted to write this update of our adjustment series when the S&P 500 nominally closed over 2000 - but let me make it up to you with a little information on recent movements.  You see, although July 23rd had been holding the 'actual adjusted closing high' crown, we've actually … [Read more...]

Need More DQYDJ? Here’s a Particularly Minty Interview!

We've done something a bit different today and lifted the veil, if only for a few minutes: Cameron and I recently were interviewed about Don't Quit Your Day Job... by some friends at Mint. So, if you can't get enough DQYDJ (I mean, you're only human) and you want to see how Cameron and I are alike and dissimilar philosophically, go read what we … [Read more...]

The DQYDJ Weekender, 8/30/2014

What a beautiful day - I believe I'll spend it outside, as much as I like hanging out with your folks... Links We Liked! Multiple features from our friend SS, normally at Save.Spend.Splurge.:  An article about not giving your kids money, and at Money Propeller a post on money advice she wishes she'd received while younger … [Read more...]

What is the Savings Rate in Other Countries?

Savings articles tend to be among the most popular articles here on DQYDJ (as in our most popular savings article - our Savings Rate Calculator for determining when you can retire), but we often concentrate on our own savings rate... or at most the savings rate of America.  When we saw a link to an OECD tabulation of savings rates across a fine … [Read more...]

Where Do Residents of the States Come From? A Demographic Study of 2012 Census Data

This article contains a calculator which allows you to input an age range and select a state and delivers demographic results broken down by country and state of origin. It uses Census Bureau data compiled by the University of Minnesota's IPUMS-USA project (2012 American Community Survey) and reports where the members of your selected age range … [Read more...]

The DQYDJ Weekender, 8/22/2014

Sorry about skipping a week, I've been pretty engrossed in my video card project hosted offsite on Hackaday's project log website.  For those who care, right before the deadline I dropped the mic by presenting the first working prototype. It's not built from scratch in the sense of "first, acquire a shovel, then build a fab"... but I assembled … [Read more...]

Is the Stock Market Making You Anxious?

We read with great interest - and perhaps a little incredulity - the recent Wall Street Journal piece reminding investors that a little stock market anxiety can be a good thing. Now, don't get us wrong - that conclusion is exactly right.  If you're of the mind that the stock market can be 'beaten', as two-thirds of the writers on this site are, … [Read more...]

The Maximum Wage is a Horrible, Disgusting Idea

It must have been something in the water: I read multiple times in the last few weeks that the ultimate path to salvation in American economic life lies down the road to the maximum wage.  Yes, that's right - multiple articles in seemingly serious publications argued that the United States should make strides towards arbitrarily capping the amount … [Read more...]