Carnivals, Links and the Yakezie Challenge, Week of 10/10/2011

Yakezie Network Challenge

I wanted to lead with this news… DQYDJ is now part of the Yakezie Challenge.

Yakezie is a network of high caliber Personal Finance and Lifestyle web sites, a network we’d like to eventually join.  It all starts with “The Challenge” – a 6 month (or longer) effort to improve site metrics and write consistently, while sharing skills and perspectives with other blogs and websites in the network.  We hope we’ll be an asset, and we know that the network will help us as well!

So, we’re throwing down the gauntlet and posting our current alexa score for posterity: 2,681,237 Worldwide and 712,860 in the United States.  Check out the network and the challenge for more details, and DQYDJ will keep on plugging away.  (Updated: As I post this our rank has changed to 2,161,997 and 342,892 in the United States)


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    Thanks for mentioning Boomer’s post, and thanks for linking back to the carnival so quickly.  I’m new to your site but I like what I’ve read so far.  Keep it up!