Makeup of the US Workforce by Generation, 1962-2015: a Calculator

Recently, we've given you a few calculators which do the tedious math of adjusting for workforce demographic changes. (See them if you haven't: Adjusting Average Incomes for Demographics, Workforce By Age Calculator for the United States).  Today, we're back with an equally interesting and a lot more fun one: a calculator which shows the working … [Read more...]

Who Makes Up the Workforce, by Year and Age? 1962-2015 – A Calculator

One of the most important...and most ignored... caveats in all of demographics and statistics is Simpson's Paradox - the observation that apparent trends may reverse (or become more severe) when you aggregate or disaggregate data.  The seminal example, also detailed in that Wikipedia piece, is batting averages (we've been on that beat since … [Read more...]

Income Percentile Calculator for 2015 US Data

This article contains a calculator which will calculate 2015 income percentiles for the United States, based on all individual earners.  It originates from the Current Population Survey in March, so data for comparison would be earned between January 2014 and December 2014 - as in, all income, salaries, dividends, interest, and other payments … [Read more...]

Inflation Expectations After The First Rate Hike Since June 2006

On December 16th, the Federal Reserve raised the Target Federal Funds rate for the first time since June of 2006 - raising it from a range of '0.00% to 0.25%' to a range of '0.25% to 0.50%'.  They also telegraphed a very gradual rising of rates in the future - previous hiking cycles have tended to ratchet up one rise at a constant rate every … [Read more...]

Income Percentile Calculator for 2014 US Data

In this article, you'll find a calculator which calculates individual income percentiles for 2014 United States data.  This data is collected in the Current Population Survey in March, so data collected is incomes earned between the beginning of January through the end of December 2013.  Data itself comes from the University of Minnesota's … [Read more...]

The Rapid Rise of Low Rated Bond Yields

Don't look now (ahem, actually, look now!) - talk about a coming rate hike by the Federal Reserve and changing risk assessments worldwide has spiked the yield on low rated corporate debt.  Or, you know, other reasons. Measured by the Bank of America Merrill Lynch CCC and below and AAA rated corporate debt yield indices, the last week has seen an … [Read more...]

What Would Average Income Be If Scaled to Demographics of Other Years?

We have been concentrating heavily on demographically adjusted data recently, and this article contains the fruit of some of that labor.  Below is a calculator which allows you to adjust data for the age breakdown of past years - so if you enter a year, the tool will take the weights per age of the United States workforce in that year and apply it … [Read more...]

A Calculator: Income Distribution by Age for 2015 in the United States

In this article, we present 2015 United States data in a calculator to show income brackets for every age from 18-80, and age 85. It is from the Current Population Survey, in the Annual Social and Economic Supplement, known as the ASEC.  That means this data is for income earned between January 2014 and December 2014.  It includes all forms of … [Read more...]

A Calculator: Income Distribution by Age for 2014 in the United States

In this article, we present 2014 United States data in a calculator to show income brackets for every age from 18-80, and age 85. It is from the Current Population Survey, in the Annual Social and Economic Supplement, which is conducted in March - so this data was collected in March of 2014 for annual income data between January and December of … [Read more...]

How To Import Fixed Width Data Into a Spreadsheet via R: Playing With IPUMS-CPS Data

The end result of this walkthrough is a XLS file which you should be able to import into your favorite spreadsheet program.  Here you go, if you want to skip to the good stuff: ageyearincomeaverage It has four sheets, which I will explain briefly.  I compiled some data on average incomes by year and split up by age.  I also have the 'overall' … [Read more...]

Inflation Expectations for the End of October 2015

One series that DQYDJ likes to follow quite often is the market's current stance towards expected inflation over the next 5-30 years. It's an easy calculation to make - you subtract the real, inflation adjusted yield from non-inflation adjusted yields - the missing factor is 'CPI', or what CPI the market expects over the next x years, with x … [Read more...]

Riding the Market Weather

June 29th, 2006. It was an innocuous day as the stock market was booming in the post-9/11 recovery. The economy was torrid and the unemployment rate was 4.6% in the USA. That fall, I opened up my checking account with Charles Schwab with their floating-rate free checking account (with no minimums or ATM fees) was paying 4.50% interest. That … [Read more...]

Political, Social, and Corporate Reactions to the Tech Bubble and Current Chinese Conditions

One of the comments I have been getting on our recent series comparing the China market swing and the NASDAQ Tech Bubble's fallout has been the difference in political reactions to the two market falls.  Yes, it is true: some of the moves by the Chinese in reaction to their market's fall have little precedent in modern markets - but to insist that … [Read more...]

Female Median and 90th Percentile Incomes Since The “Great Recession”

In our last piece (it was on male incomes since the Great Recession) we promised you we'd revisit the topic and chart female incomes by age since the recent Great Recession.  Don't ever let them tell you DQYDJ doesn't follow through on their promises! So continues our little journey through the IPUMS-CPS microdata.  We've been attempting to get … [Read more...]

Male Median and 90th Percentile Earnings Since the “Great Recession”

We've been taking you on a fascinating journey through the IPUMS-CPS microdata lately as we dig up hard-to-find (okay, maybe just obscure) data on how the economy has been running in the last couple decades. Today we will continue the series, for data from 2008 - 2014. Our most recent obsession, of course, has been "Income by Age" - or, … [Read more...]