What is the Savings Rate in Other Countries?

Savings articles tend to be among the most popular articles here on DQYDJ (as in our most popular savings article - our Savings Rate Calculator for determining when you can retire), but we often concentrate on our own savings rate... or at most the savings rate of America.  When we saw a link to an OECD tabulation of savings rates across a fine … [Read more...]

Where Do Residents of the States Come From? A Demographic Study of 2012 Census Data

This article contains a calculator which allows you to input an age range and select a state and delivers demographic results broken down by country and state of origin. It uses Census Bureau data compiled by the University of Minnesota's IPUMS-USA project (2012 American Community Survey) and reports where the members of your selected age range … [Read more...]

The Maximum Wage is a Horrible, Disgusting Idea

It must have been something in the water: I read multiple times in the last few weeks that the ultimate path to salvation in American economic life lies down the road to the maximum wage.  Yes, that's right - multiple articles in seemingly serious publications argued that the United States should make strides towards arbitrarily capping the amount … [Read more...]

6.2% and 4.0%: Recovery, On

Well, it's not a rocketing, blatantly obvious recovery you can feel - but the current economic performance is certainly worthy of (finally) being classed a recovery. Inflation, Unemployment, GDP... and Wage Growth? We've been rambling on about inflation data for the last few months because we've seen the signs of inflation start to pick up in … [Read more...]

An Inflation Check for July, 2014

There's a busy economic indicator week on deck - GDP (with revisions) and unemployment being the headliners.  With that said, we want to hit inflation again before those two controversial series make their debuts. More Hints of Inflation We mentioned in a couple articles now that we can sense a thawing labor market, and a return to inflation in … [Read more...]

More Signs of the Thawing Labor Market

About a week ago, we posted our thoughts on the labor market - namely, that it is finally in some type of a recovery stage.  We wanted to follow up because we wanted to expand on our comments about the quit rate, and talk a bit about why we think it's important: it boils down to correcting one of the silliest quotes that abounds on the … [Read more...]

The Thawing Employment Market

As proprietors of a site which has continually highlighted that much of the recent unemployment rate reduction came from a reduction in the number of people working - and that weakness was reflected through the unemployment population ratio.  A number of recent data points, however, suggest that the thaw is finally on - let's look at the signs that … [Read more...]

June, 2014 Inflation Expectations: The Hint of Inflation Returns

We'll admit to being a bit bored with the markets lately - sure, we feel things are a bit heated, but we don't see any major bubbles brewing in the American equity markets like some commentators.  Add that to the fact that trading volumes are low in the summer anyway, the world is fascinated with America's sixth favorite sport (okay, we kid; the … [Read more...]

Market – and Calculated – Inflation Expectations for May, 2014

It's been a long time since we've turned our eyes to expectations of inflation, but we're here today to do that very thing.  Finally.  Or something like that. Using The Treasury Yield Curve The simplest way to gauge inflation expectations is a classic - merely take the long term rates for long dated treasuries and subtract the real yields offered … [Read more...]

Personal Income Growth By State

The Bureau of Economic Analysis recently (okay, fine, more than a month ago) released the very interesting state personal income overview for 2013.  In it, they break down that oh-so-important indicator, personal income growth, into a percentage change from 2012 in each state (and Washington, DC). Grab it (warning: pdf). Uneven Growth The … [Read more...]