Raises Headed Your Way? The Unemployed Workers to Job Openings Ratio

An interesting survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics which has started to get a lot more coverage is the Job Openings and Labor Turnover survey, or JOLTS for short.  In a limited time (literally only since 2000), JOLTS has proven useful in revealing statistics on why workers leave their jobs, and also in revealing the actual number of open … [Read more...]

My, How Inflation Expectations Have Fallen in December 2014!

In this shortened workweek, we move our attention to the recent 'breakdown' of inflation expectations, or as they have taken to be called in the financial media, "break-evens".  For an explanation of that term, I'll point you to the audio version of yours truly (on the Stacking Benjamins Podcast) discussing how various securities can reveal the … [Read more...]

The Male-Female Unemployment Gap, Revisted

For some reason, one of our articles that gets a lot of links is our expose on the Male-Female unemployment gap back in late 2011. The reasons for that gap?  Well, you surely recall the recent "Great Recession", which happened to cause a lot of employment damage in the Construction and Finance industries, which were (and are) historically … [Read more...]

Income is Not Net Worth: The Raw Data

One of the arguments we've made in the past on Don't Quit Your Day Job... is that, well, wealth and income are not the same (even though we tax income and are uncomfortable with our wealth distributions).  While argumentatively it makes sense that there would be some correlation - without massive luck in the form of a lottery win, unplanned … [Read more...]

Net Worth of High Achieving Full Time Workers in the United States

If you recall from our series on the Current Population Survey, we concentrated quite a bit on a peer group that will seem quite familiar to folks who generally read this site - that is, people with full time jobs and a degree in something.  As that's the demographic which most frequents this site (and since you're a reader, you probably agree...), … [Read more...]

Net Worth in the United States: Zooming in on the Top Centiles

Ever since the 2013 Survey of Consumer Finances was released (in September of 2014), we've been looking forward to zooming in a bit closer to the numbers in their (much appreciated) release of microdata.  Once we wrapped our head around how they have 5 imputations to turn 6,026 data points into 31,130, then further remove 11 ultra high (read: … [Read more...]

The 30 Year Mortgage and Housing Accessibility

Last time in a real estate piece, we talked about the historical homeownership rate in the United States, since we were able to get data back to the 1890s. This time we'll reach back just as far, but we'll also discuss the mortgage status of homes. Even though we don't have the resolution to discuss the actual mortgage "innovations" which may have … [Read more...]

Historical Homeownership Rate in the United States, 1890-Present

In response to a question on our real estate post of last week, we decided to try to mine the internet for data on homeownership rates before the series we presented in that article started in the mid-1960s.  We found them buried in a recently digitized Census Bureau report from the 1970s(!), helpfully indexed and searchable at the University of … [Read more...]

A Calculator: Income Distribution by Age for 2013 US Data

This calculator crunches income quantile data for 2013 United States data for every single age (by year) from 18-80, to report incomes for every quantile from 1 to 99.  If you enter an income and age in the form, it will report which quantile that income fell into and produce a graph of all incomes for that age. When the graph is rendered, you … [Read more...]

How Has Real Estate Performed Since the Recession?

In a word?  Not so hotly. Of course, prices have rebounded quite a bit since the Great Recession, but a few indicators clearly show that things still have quite a way to go - if we assume they are snapping back to where they were even in the early 2000s. Census Homeownership Data This data all comes from Tuesday's Census Bureau release of the … [Read more...]