Is the Stock Market Making You Anxious?

We read with great interest - and perhaps a little incredulity - the recent Wall Street Journal piece reminding investors that a little stock market anxiety can be a good thing. Now, don't get us wrong - that conclusion is exactly right.  If you're of the mind that the stock market can be 'beaten', as two-thirds of the writers on this site are, … [Read more...]

Argentinian Lessons and the Chase of Yield

So, Argentina defaulted - for the third or fourth time in the lives of even our younger readers (For those of you keeping score at home, 1982, 1989, 2001 and now 2014).  I suppose you could make the argument that it was easy to see coming, Argentina is a serial defaulter, they haven't gotten control of their debt, etc, etc - but there is a larger … [Read more...]

Cyclically Adjusted Price to Earnings Ratio, by Country

Sometimes we feel that DQYDJ gets an unfair reputation as a solely-individual investing "beat the market" type blog.  While our most prolific writer (, does maintain an actively traded portfolio, we just did the math - it's only 37.4% of our equity investments. Oh, and that counts employer equity awards and holdings - needless to say, … [Read more...]

Inflation Adjusted Silver Investment Return Calculator

On this page we present an automatically updating (daily) silver return calculator. Enter any two dates since January 2nd of 1968, and we will compute the annualized and total returns on money invested in silver between those two dates. We also automatically adjust the quoted returns for inflation, optionally, if you choose the "Adjust For … [Read more...]

If You Agree With Reddit About This Nintendo Investor Meeting Question, You’re Doing Investing Wrong.

Even though this is ostensibly a post about Nintendo, I've actually got a bone to pick with both Nintendo and Reddit on this one - stemming from this thread on Reddit.  (Before you ask - "It's in /r/gaming, what did you expect?"... note that it went a bit viral, garnering 933 comments by the time I wrote this.) But, let me first assure the … [Read more...]

The S&P 500′s Actual, Inflation Adjusted and Dividend Reinvested Price

It annoys us to no end that when people quote market returns, they generally will only use nominal returns, and ignore the effects of inflation.  This discounts the way most of us live - when we take money out, we do so in order to spend at current market prices, not past prices.  When we invest in mutual funds, they generally roll our dividends … [Read more...]

Inflation Adjusted Bitcoin Return Calculator

On this page we present an automatically updating (daily) bitcoin return calculator.  Enter any two dates since July of 2010, and we will compute the annual and total returns on money invested in bitcoin between those two dates.  We also will automatically adjust the quoted returns for inflation, optionally, if you choose the "Adjust For Inflation … [Read more...]

June, 2014 Inflation Expectations: The Hint of Inflation Returns

We'll admit to being a bit bored with the markets lately - sure, we feel things are a bit heated, but we don't see any major bubbles brewing in the American equity markets like some commentators.  Add that to the fact that trading volumes are low in the summer anyway, the world is fascinated with America's sixth favorite sport (okay, we kid; the … [Read more...]

Are Leveraged ETFs Building Up a New Systemic Risk?

Well, yes, but as in all things everywhere ever, it's a matter of degree. In recent days, Larry Fink, the chief executive of Blackrock has been defending comments he made about the systemic dangers of leveraged ETFs.  Leveraged ETFs, unlike most ETFs you can buy are your friendly neighborhood broker, are generally (there are some exceptions) … [Read more...]

Using Options to Predict Future Closing Prices! The Mid June 2014 Edition.

What happens when you take options prices, treat the current trading price as your 'key', and take the range of differences between the current trading price of various contracts and that new, 'key' price? Well, in our experience, an interesting series... but not necessarily an accurate prediction of where the market is headed.  In fact - this … [Read more...]