My, How Inflation Expectations Have Fallen in December 2014!

In this shortened workweek, we move our attention to the recent 'breakdown' of inflation expectations, or as they have taken to be called in the financial media, "break-evens".  For an explanation of that term, I'll point you to the audio version of yours truly (on the Stacking Benjamins Podcast) discussing how various securities can reveal the … [Read more...]

Inflation Adjusted Platinum Investment Return Calculator

On this page we present an automatically updating (daily) platinum return calculator. Enter any two dates since April 2nd of 1990, and we will compute the annualized and total returns on money invested in platinum between those two dates. We also will automatically adjust the quoted returns for inflation, optionally, if you choose the "Adjust For … [Read more...]

My Retirement Asset Allocation

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I decided to play around with Morning Star's X-Ray tool. The tool takes your entire portfolio and analyzes the asset allocation by geography, by risk level, by asset class as well as by type (growth vs. value, etc.). Here is what my current asset allocation across my portfolio is (asset type): 39% Domestic … [Read more...]

How Early Could You Have Called an Overbought Stock Market?

Although the passive portion of my portfolio remains the same (with some accounts, such as the HSA and 529s still actively having investments added), I've been shuttling all my active accounts to cash since January (while keeping the stocks I do have in place).  Suboptimal?  Yes, and if I see an opportunity to get in on something with reasonable … [Read more...]

S&P 500 2014 Performance: Inflation Adjusted and Dividend Reinvested

We've mentioned it before, one or two (hundred) times... the best way to evaluate investment performance in a vacuum isn't by using the 'price level' of an index.  Instead, it is best to check the relative purchasing power increase an investment has brought to the table - and you can only do that by adjusting for inflation and finding a way to … [Read more...]

My Current Asset Allocation

When you follow an investment writer for a while, sometimes it's impossible to pin down his or her exact thoughts on the market. Let's face it - we writers are human, and as humans, we may present biased information without even knowing it.  That can come in a number of different forms - we might come off more bearish or bullish than we actually … [Read more...]

Actual Inflation and Dividend Adjusted Performance of the S&P 500 through Early September 2014

Hey folks, I feel like I dropped the ball on this one - I had wanted to write this update of our adjustment series when the S&P 500 nominally closed over 2000 - but let me make it up to you with a little information on recent movements.  You see, although July 23rd had been holding the 'actual adjusted closing high' crown, we've actually … [Read more...]

Is the Stock Market Making You Anxious?

We read with great interest - and perhaps a little incredulity - the recent Wall Street Journal piece reminding investors that a little stock market anxiety can be a good thing. Now, don't get us wrong - that conclusion is exactly right.  If you're of the mind that the stock market can be 'beaten', as two-thirds of the writers on this site are, … [Read more...]

Argentinian Lessons and the Chase of Yield

So, Argentina defaulted - for the third or fourth time in the lives of even our younger readers (For those of you keeping score at home, 1982, 1989, 2001 and now 2014).  I suppose you could make the argument that it was easy to see coming, Argentina is a serial defaulter, they haven't gotten control of their debt, etc, etc - but there is a larger … [Read more...]

Cyclically Adjusted Price to Earnings Ratio, by Country

Sometimes we feel that DQYDJ gets an unfair reputation as a solely-individual investing "beat the market" type blog.  While our most prolific writer (, does maintain an actively traded portfolio, we just did the math - it's only 37.4% of our equity investments. Oh, and that counts employer equity awards and holdings - needless to say, … [Read more...]