Beware Those Bearing Market Predictions…

We try to wear our brains on our sleeves (I should trademark that) when it comes to some of the innovations we've rolled out on the site.  If you check out our Calculators and Visualizations page, we've got everything from historic S&P returns to predictions of how noise levels affect real estate values.  However, one of our favorite series has … [Read more...]

Predicting the S&P 500 Closing Price – January 2013 Edition

Wow, we haven't done one of these for a while.  And what are these, you may ask?  A weird little property of options pricing, actually - you can back out predicted prices of a stock on a particular day by simply looking at options prices.  The 'most likely' price, at least dictated by the market, should be priced in a particular way. In theory, … [Read more...]

Stock Picks for 2013!

Who out here has been reading DQYDJ for the last year... show of hands?  Remember last year we entered into a friendly contest at Financial Uproar where we wanted to demonstrate our stock picking prowess to a skeptical audience (because auditing my returns wasn't enough!). So, even though we beat the S&P in 2012, we didn't win (we got … [Read more...]

The Dividend Cliff

Seriously, folks.  This topic is serious enough for me to write two articles about it. Since the last time we covered the forthcoming dividend tax increases, a few things have happened: Barack Obama was reelected President The Senate and the House remained in the hands of the Democrats and the Republicans, respectively (meaning the … [Read more...]

How to Get Started Investing When You’re Hopelessly Clueless (Or Don’t Care!)

Don't Quit Your Day Job is primarily a site for musing about the most efficient way of going about things.  We don't generally waste our time with saving pennies, frugality, or lifestyle constriction - most of our readers are on a solid path of spending less than they earn, saving, and investing.  That said, we haven't been that accommodating to … [Read more...]

Guaranteed 348,000% RoE

Last month I wrote an article celebrating my occasion of hitting $1 net worth. This month my net worth has skyrocketed to $3,481. This provides an RoE of 348,000%. Now I know that most personal finance writers assume returns closer to 5% for most of their investments, so I will temper my expectations down to only about 300,000% monthly until I'm … [Read more...]

Ethical Investing: Investing For the Good of Man… Not Just a Man

It appears these days, more than ever, that Ethical Investing is an oxymoron. We have all heard the old saying is that money is the root of all evil, but does that mean we all must be evil if we are in pursuit of it?  Does anyone really believe that to be true?  Of course not.  Feeding your family, sending them to college, and buying nice things … [Read more...]

I Am Completely Worthless

Worthless at last! Worthless at last! Thank God Almighty, worthless at last! Bells are ringing! I am finally worthless! With my paycheck today my net worth has finally passed the literal and psychological $0 barrier. My financial leverage given a net worth of $1 is about 45,000-to-1. Let this be a lesson to everybody: massively over-leveraged … [Read more...]

Stop Buying Dividend Stocks!

Subtitle: Until You Read This Article. I'm not one for hyperbole... I'm more of a "here's the data, deal with it" person, but I'll make a vast blanket statement for you today.  You see, you may not care too much either way about the whole 'fiscal cliff' scenario, where an expiration of the so-called Bush Tax Cuts of 2001 and 2003 would reset rates … [Read more...]

There’s a New Sheriff in Nasdaq Town – Apple

Let's take just a moment out of our Fridays to recognize something amazing - that there is a new largest company in the history of the world, emerging during an economic climate charitably described as middling.  That's right - Apple Inc (née Apple Computer), currently trading at 667, boasts the largest market capitalization of all time at $624.9 … [Read more...]