The DQYDJ Weekender, 2/1/2015

I'm a Patriots fan. This is their 8th Super Bowl Appearance, and they've lost four - XX (Bears), XXXI (Packers), XLII, XLVI (Giants for both). If they lose, they'll be in sole possession of most Super Bowl losses of any team. Go Patriots! Links We Liked! We sent our BOY Nelson (it makes sense when you click) an article about a condo … [Read more...]

The DQYDJ Weekender, 1/25/2015

I hope you weren't deflated to not wake up to a DQYDJ weekender yesterday - we warmed it up for you to read it today. Links We Liked! We feature lots of Financial Uproar because Nelson delivers interesting stuff like this takedown of poor money management from an affluent Canadian couple. Even more tough love from Canada at Save. Spend. … [Read more...]

The DQYDJ Weekender, 1/17/2015

Good week so far?  Yes?  No?  (And which day is a 'week' considered over?). From a site-runner's perspective, it's nice to see the traffic that disappeared in the holidays (and more!) come back in the early year numbers.  But, let's be honest - we're just biding time until the tax articles, a topic that Cameron knows under-serves some income … [Read more...]

The DQYDJ Weekender, 1/10/2015

Ahh, the first Weekender in a while, and the first one of the new year - maybe we should call it the 'monthly' or something?  Regardless, happy new year to those who see fit to subscribe to DQYDJ! Also, of course, happy new year to the new people at the gym and the new site on the internet - may your undertakings be fruitful, and don't hesitate … [Read more...]

A Review of Ironmaster’s Super Bench (and Dip, Chin Up, and Crunch/Situp Attachments)

My wife and I recently undertook a project to reclaim some space in our house, targeting our sunroom (really, a hybrid gym and rec room) for an upgrade.  We ended up getting a package of an Ironmaster Super Bench, Dip Attachment, Crunch/Situp Attachment, along with getting the Chin Up Attachment separately. I’m a huge Ironmaster fan now, after … [Read more...]

I Quit My Day Job – If You’re Going to San Francisco (Part 2 of 3)

  I haven’t yet decided if I should wear flowers in my hair. Over the past three and a half year, I have lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. I have mixed feelings about leaving and mixed feelings about the area in general and am excited to see what a new area has to offer. First, the pros of Dallas: the food and the low cost … [Read more...]

The DQYDJ Weekender, 12/20/2014

Unlike other blogs (which disappear completely!), we here at DQYDJ tend to slack on our Weekenders around the holidays.  This year was no different - as both Cameron and I had family around - which trumps linking out!  (And Bryan is engaged - give him your congrats!).  Oh, and I got sick and basiclly lost my voice for two days... yeah, a silly … [Read more...]

The DQYDJ Weekender, 12/6/2014

Wow, it's been three weeks since we've done one of these. In our defense, I was traveling with a 14 month old (and, well, we two adults)... and hey, we produced a bunch of articles in the meantime.  You're obviously still reading, so accept as our apology this Weekender, and don't petition us to call this series a "monthender". Links We … [Read more...]

Can You Trust Your Favorite Financial Writer?

Recently, Yahoo Finance covered an inspiring story about a 27 year old financial blogger who had already eclipsed one million dollars in net worth.  That blogger gave all the right advice - invest early, sacrifice in the present, live below your means, and (if you can) reach for those high headline numbers of savings rates - 50, 60, or 70%. Of … [Read more...]

The DQYDJ Weekender, 11/15/2014

Once again, I'm impressed by the number of new subscribers there are to welcome... so, welcome! You know what 'they' say, "it's better to spend years searching for a good financial site than to spend years reading the wrong one." ...or something like that. Links We Liked! At Budgets are Sexy (where I didn't activate a link last week), a … [Read more...]