The Relics: Len Penzo’s Hidden Talents!

Here's an article that's been a long time coming! Sorry it's a year late Len, I've got reasons but not excuses! "What Are You Blathering About?" Last year I emailed Len Penzo about doing a "paper vs. plastic?" post for one of his "Letters, I Get Letters" articles. Len, as you know, is a plastics guy at heart, but he loved the idea so he sent me … [Read more...]

And Now, For Something Completely Different

... goes the famous Monty Python line, and I hope that this article doesn't disappoint!  Everyone needs an article about music at some point.  Here's rock and roll from an angle you may have never considered. The Mission: Introduce a friend who’s been living in a cave to rock and roll, three albums at a time.  Even he (she?) couldn’t help but be … [Read more...]