Are You a Fan of Fans Paying for the Old Stadium?

On Monday we penned a piece on the absurdity of the so-called "Jock Tax", a duty day tax calculation which assigns local taxes to athletes, referees, coaching staff, and waterboys that travel with a team - even though your doctor probably doesn't pay anything similar when she attends conferences. It leads to curious results - like athletes … [Read more...]

The Absurdity of ‘Duty Day’ Athlete Taxation

Sometimes our contrarianism here at Don't Quit Your Day Job causes more than a few eyerolls, especially our tendency to continually beat the drum for athlete salaries being too low since we started this site.  A day after the Super Bowl, you probably spare no more than crocodile tears for Cam Newton, Peyton Manning, and the rest of the extremely … [Read more...]

Who Won the 2014 Sochi Olympics? The Real Story.

Two years ago we rambled on about the winner of the Summer Olympics in the afterglow of London '12.  Today... we'll do it again. Who Won the 2014 Sochi Olympics? Let's get the easy comparisons out of the way: total medal count and golds: A dominant performance by Russia on both fronts - 33 total medals and 13 golds.  For my American … [Read more...]

Athletes Are Still Underpaid

On Monday, we convinced you guys that the NCAA is a useless organization.  That's pretty uncontroversial nowadays, and even though I first argued against the NCAA (and argued athletes were underpaid) in an article in 2011, you still might think I'm hopping on the bandwagon.  (Read our friend Nelson at Financial Uproar take the topic on as … [Read more...]

Who Won the 2012 London Olympics?

Sports are a funny thing, especially on an international stage.  All sorts of sappy lines have been spilled about international sports - that they are a base of the global community, they foster goodwill between nations, they celebrate the world coming together.  Let's cut to the chase - sports were originally a pretty solid tool to develop better, … [Read more...]

Sports Gambling and Live Markets

Is sports gambling beatable? Casinos, over the years, have traditionally thought of sportsbooks as an amenity to offer to their customers as opposed to a real way to make money. They cap the bets made on traditional over/unders and to people who consistently win in sports gambling (known as 'sharps'). The casinos believe that sports gambling is … [Read more...]

Athletes are Underpaid: The Economics of Player Salaries

Editor:  We followed this up more recently in a two part series: "The NCAA Deserves to Be Disbanded - Here's Why." "Athletes Are Still Underpaid" What, am I crazy?  Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts is probably a doubtful start for the rest of the 2011 season, and perhaps has made his last start of his Colts career (The Colts would … [Read more...]

Racial Bias in Foul Rates among NBA Referees

In early May 2007, a study gained publicity that claimed NBA referees altered their habits of calling fouls based on the racial makeup of the offending players. Maria Rainier recently helped write an article about changing gender discrimination. In keeping with that theme, I felt that it would be appropriate to continue the discussion with racial … [Read more...]

Fantasy Football Scheduling Luck

It's October and fantasy football is in full swing. Fantasy football, for the neophytes out there, is a game played by fans of the NFL who select players to fill a simulated team and then are awarded points based off of their real life performance. It has left an indelible mark on the viewing patterns and marketing techniques of NFL firms. Over 27 … [Read more...]

Which Political Demographics Watch Which Sports?

From the offbeat category comes this awesome data set found through the National Journal.  Scarborough USA, a joint undertaking of market research companies Nielsen and Arbitron surveyed 218,000 people between August 2008 and September 2009 to try to figure out the political leanings of sports viewers.  Surveyors tried to figure out both how … [Read more...]

March Salary Madness

Payscale is a great site you can use to compare your salary offers (or current salary) with other people in your field.  It aggregates data anonymously, so you can know the going market rate for your job offer (or current position!).  Anyway, Payscale has a large amount of data from various sources.  One of the variables they track is the college … [Read more...]

2010 Olympics: Norway Wins!?

Alot of noise has been made about how the United States won a majority (20) of their Olympic medals in events that didn't exist the last time the Winter Games were held in Canada (1988, Calgary).  Hopefully this point has been thoroughly dismissed by sites such as FiveThirtyEight.  However, another valid point can be raised that the United States … [Read more...]