The DQYDJ Weekender, 8/22/2014

Sorry about skipping a week, I've been pretty engrossed in my video card project hosted offsite on Hackaday's project log website.  For those who care, right before the deadline I dropped the mic by presenting the first working prototype. It's not built from scratch in the sense of "first, acquire a shovel, then build a fab"... but I assembled … [Read more...]

Time and Well-Being

Everybody has heard the old adage “Time is money,” but very few have considered what it means in their own lives. Every hour you spend on something could potentially be costing you lost wages, leisure, lost weight (through exercise), skills, hobbies, etc. When taken literally, time is entirely interchangeable with money. Money can buy you time … [Read more...]

No, Millennials Are Not All Believers that Government Can Solve Every Problem

Keeping in mind the belief that the pieces that we most disagree with inspire the best responses, we must react to a recent The Nation article entitled "No, Millennials Are Not All Libertarians".  That article, inverting the mantra that capital-G Government is the best way to solve Intractable Problem X actually turns the genre on its head - … [Read more...]

The DQYDJ Weekender, 7/26/2014

Yes, another fun spam comment! of course like your web-site but you need to check the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling problems and I to find it very bothersome to tell the truth then again I will surely come again again. I'm sorry my poor spelling bothered your truth telling - but I'm glad you'll come … [Read more...]

How to Double Clock Frequency Using Only Digital Logic

I recently rotated hobbies back to microcontrollers and electrical engineering, and one of the projects I've been working on required a doubling of clock speed from an Arduino Nano, which has an Atmel 328p running at 16 MHz on-board (here's a hint: my target was 25.175 MHz). The challenge?  Well, I wanted to do it only with parts on hand, and … [Read more...]

Dealing with Hobby Purchases… Without an Emergency Fund

A few weeks back in a Weekender, I shared with you a horrible tail of woe. For the second time in two years, I had an issue with a guitar purchase.  Last year, I bought a Les Paul Special... knowing it wasn't a carved top, sure, but expecting the 'Les Paul' signature silk-screened on the headstock like it was in the marketing materials.  This … [Read more...]

Personal Finance is Boring!

Welcome back to our two part series on adjectives. Just kidding. A couple years back, we participated in a few online discussions about whether Personal Finance is a worthy subject for schools to dedicate a course to.  Although we agree that the financial education levels of the typical American are pretty embarrassing, we disagreed with the … [Read more...]

Personal Finance is Personal!

There is no worse dodge in the entire Personal Finance universe than the sentence "Personal Finance is personal!" being used to excuse any sort of non-ideal behavior. The simple fact that "Personal Finance" contains an adjective encourages certain folks to think that anything they do is a great move for their, well, personal finances.  Nothing … [Read more...]

How Far Should We Go to Help Others Financially?

Two of the very best bloggers in the personal finance sphere recently pontificated on the Government's role in encouraging (ahem, forcing) savings.  Nelson of Financial Uproar, writing at the end of 2013, and SaveSpendSplurge née Mochimac of Save Spend Splurge recently covered the idea of a massive mandated-by-Government savings rate, along the … [Read more...]

How Much Did You Save in 2013?

Some of our longer term readers enjoy this time of year on DQYDJ, because we post a Personal Finance article actually directed inwardly - namely, an expose of the PK household spending habits. We appreciate being held accountable on this front - it's hard to trust random voices on the internet, so only by looking at results and history can you … [Read more...]