My Retirement Asset Allocation

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I decided to play around with Morning Star's X-Ray tool. The tool takes your entire portfolio and analyzes the asset allocation by geography, by risk level, by asset class as well as by type (growth vs. value, etc.). Here is what my current asset allocation across my portfolio is (asset type): 39% Domestic … [Read more...]

I Quit My Day Job – Drinking from a Fire Hydrant (Part 1 of 3)

“Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant.” – Mitchell Kapor This post is going to be the first part of a three-parter about a fresh change for one-third of the writers at Don’t Quit Your Day Job.... Since my colleague PK and I founded this website back in April of 2009, we have been gainfully employed (or … [Read more...]

How Much Help Did You Have to Get Where You Are?

A few articles back, we posted about the unfortunate story of "not the whole truth" in the financial writing world.  Though through allegedly unfortunate circumstances, a blogger who claimed to have hit $1,000,000 in net worth at the fresh age of 27 actually owed a large amount of it to an inheritance.  As we already addressed how hard it is to … [Read more...]

A Collection of Peers: How Work and School Choice Affects Total Income

If you read mainstream financial media, you've recently seen more and more sophisticated reporting on median income trends in the United States.  Instead of tossing a single median income number at you out of context, mainstream sources are getting better and better at providing context... specifically, articles are often presented with quantile … [Read more...]

The DQYDJ Weekender, 9/27/2014

It was my daughter's first birthday yesterday!  Bonus: Follow me on Twitter to see what she looked like when she was 25% younger. Also, we'd like to extend a hearty congratulations to Stacking Benjamins, the podcast which we belong to... and especially podcast host Joe Saul-Sehy.  We won a Plutus Award for best Personal Finance podcast.  I've … [Read more...]

Automatic Graham Number Calculator for Any Stock!

On this page you'll find a calculator which is the first of its kind - a Graham Number calculator which automatically fetches information from SEC filings and populates fields for you to easily screen your stocks by Graham Numbers. Just enter the ticker, click the 'Populate Stock Fundamentals' button, and we will attempt to get stock … [Read more...]

September 2014 Goal Assessment

At the end of last year, I stated that I wanted to pay down ~$34,000 in consumer debt (outside of my mortgage). I am writing today to report on both a level of success and a switch in strategy. How am I faring? In short: decently. I am not currently on track to hit my $34,000 this year. As of today, September 17th, I have ~$16,000 left to go. … [Read more...]

Need More DQYDJ? Here’s a Particularly Minty Interview!

We've done something a bit different today and lifted the veil, if only for a few minutes: Cameron and I recently were interviewed about Don't Quit Your Day Job... by some friends at Mint. So, if you can't get enough DQYDJ (I mean, you're only human) and you want to see how Cameron and I are alike and dissimilar philosophically, go read what we … [Read more...]

FICO is a Corporation

Much has been written about the recent change in the FICO scoring system from both mainstream media and personal finance blogosphere. Using my compelling inside information and incredible subject matter expertise, I can insist that it will not make much of a difference. What?  Huh? First, a little background. Fair Isaac (FICO) is a publicly … [Read more...]

The DQYDJ Weekender, 8/22/2014

Sorry about skipping a week, I've been pretty engrossed in my video card project hosted offsite on Hackaday's project log website.  For those who care, right before the deadline I dropped the mic by presenting the first working prototype. It's not built from scratch in the sense of "first, acquire a shovel, then build a fab"... but I assembled … [Read more...]