Paying For Rat

This guest post was written by Jason, the proprietor of Live Real, Now, a blog focused on spending–and saving–in the real world. It was written for a blog swap run by the Yakezie personal finance blog network to answer the question, “What are things you never go cheap on and why?” I'm cheap.  I don't even consider myself to be frugal.  I'm cheap. … [Read more...]

Should You Drop Your Health Insurance?

From the always-interesting website Political Calculations comes this gem of an article... The Calvalcade of Risk 102.  Let me explain... Ironman hosted the carnival, but also embedded into it a useful calculator for determining whether or not an individual should drop health insurance as a result of the new health care law.  The somewhat … [Read more...]


The Congressional Budget Office recently released their scoring of the Senate Health Care Bill.  Reading some of the headlines in major newspapers, one would be forgiven to think that the health care plan being debated in the Senate is a deficit reducing panacea for all of the United States' health problems...  "No Big Cost Rise in U.S. Premiums Is … [Read more...]

Neglecting Inflation

What's wrong with taxing individuals making over $200,000 and couples making over $250,000?  Nothing, if you are honest about what is really going on.  The health care plan in the senate would mean new taxes for 'rich' folks in these tax brackets.  Worse still?  It doesn't account for inflation in this calculation.  What follows is a calculated tax … [Read more...]