AirBNB and Real Estate Prices

San Francisco residents recently voted on Proposition F - a measure introduced on the ballot (supported by community organizers, some landlords and unions representing hotels most prominently) which intended to limit short-term rentals to 75 days annually and allowed a few other provisions for lawsuits against private owners in violation of city … [Read more...]

Selling Out (Part 2 of 4 on my move to San Francisco)

In Part One of this series, I talked about my overall transition to San Francisco. In this entry, I'll talk about some of the stresses involved in moving and cleaning up the personal finance life along with the move. As I wrote about in a series of posts in 2013, I purchased a house in Texas... Lovely carpeted bathroom. Oldest and smallest in … [Read more...]

End of an Era (Part 1 of 4 on my move to San Francisco)

    Part 2 I recently moved from the Dallas area to the Bay Area. The first thing I miss is the cost of living. The second thing I miss is the food. Dallas Fort-Worth has Mexican, cajun and good barbecue. But, thankfully, the summers here are much more bearable. It's been 61 and sunny all day everyday for the past … [Read more...]

The True Cost of Mortgages in August 2015

If you've followed DQYDJ for a while, you know that we like to revisit some types of articles for a follow up.  One series we have been working on is the so called "real cost of mortgages" - an estimate of the actual, real interest rate that a mortgage will cost over its lifetime. Mortgages and Inflation In essence, when a bank issues a mortgage, … [Read more...]

A Core Tenet of Personal Finance: Shopping Around

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a relatively new Independent Agency of the United States government which concentrates on... well... consumer financial protection.  Admittedly, their mandate is a bit up in the air right now, but they have made waves and headlines with a number of fines handed out to financial firms. They also, like … [Read more...]

Can You Afford a House in These American Cities? A Fun Calculator!

So, you've heard a lot about the booming real estate markets in many American cities.  However, have you ever calculated if you can afford Boston, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. on your current income and with your current debts? Have no fear - for the first time on the … [Read more...]

For Your Money, What House Should You Target in Silicon Valley?

When our friend SSS from Save. Spend. Splurge. asked us if we were interested in shining a spotlight on value-for-your-housing-buck in the Bay Area of California, we jumped at the opportunity.  Her prompt: What can you buy for $250,000, $500,000, $750,000, and $1,000,000 in your neck of the woods? We decided that our search space would be all of … [Read more...]

How Canada’s Real Estate Market is Like Beanie Babies

Remember Beanie Babies?  Those adorable little stuffed (with beans!) animals which set off a crazy toy bubble of epic proportions, right before the ensuing Tickle Me Elmo bubble really took off.  Yep, the 1990s were bullish for toys every bit as much as they were bullish for technology. Around a year ago we warned you folks, as a dispassionate … [Read more...]

Don’t Look Now, But Mortgages are Still Extremely Cheap

Dateline, DQYDJ's original research department: We decided to reprise one of our earlier data examination ideas with an even closer dive into inflation expectations than Monday's diversion.  We'll go a bit further - since the most popular mortgage types are 30 year fixed mortgages, the actual expected cost of a mortgage isn't the sticker price, but … [Read more...]

Inflation Adjusted Home Value Return Calculator

In this article, we present a Home Investment Calculator.  We estimate median values and actual returns for any of 356 American Metropolitan Statistical Areas in an attempt to tell all of our American readers exactly how well their homes have performed as an investment. Real Estate Return Calculator For those of you reading this on feed … [Read more...]