The DQYDJ Weekender, 11/10/2012

Veteran’s Day sales are looking pretty solid this year – if you’re in the market for some appliances, check out Sears:

Use coupons (capitalized):

APPLIANCE25 (Or sign up at ShopYourWay and grab a $50 off $299 appliance coupon)
HOMEDELIVERY (If the base price is over $500)

$60 off on top of their 20% off most appliances (and 5% more if you go Kenmore, $85 total if you sign up for ShopYourWay).  If you’ve got a Discover Card get 10% more off using ShopDiscover.  Yeah, we bought a dishwasher.

Links We Liked!

  • JT at Money Mamba had a piece on why stocks fall off the radars of Wall Street – and why your radar might be sensitive enough to pick them up!
  • Original Gangster OG at The Free Financial Advisor had a piece analyzing what he saw as some of the things to look forward to in a second Obama term.
  • You know those articles powerful enough to stand on their titles?  Afford Anything had “Money Doesn’t Buy Stuff.  It Buys Choices.
  • Since I’m the only engineer in Silicon Valley who insists on a collar daily (I jest, but it surely feels like that sometimes), I found Jana at Daily Money Shot’s post about what not to wear to work interesting.  Of course, engineers can wear anything – and in some circles, it’s almost expected you’ll get some interesting outfits.  The most notable to me?  A non-Scottish engineer wears a kilt.
  • Ironman at Political Calculations has been tracking the number of publicly traded companies cutting dividends – and notes that every time we get as many as we have lately we’ve seen a recession.  Hopefully we don’t see another this soon after the last.
  • I Am 1% polls the audience: what is a fair tax rate for the 1%?  The rich?  The middle class?  We’ve got opinions on this that would require their own post, but check out the fair tax rate discussion going on!
  • Control Your Cash channels Dr. House with ‘Everyone Lies‘, with a special focus on financial journalism.  Newsflash: Apple shareholders aren’t all ‘all-in’.  Although they neglected another reason the 28 year old may have had few shares of AAPL but it was a high percentage of his wealth: he didn’t have a lot of retirement savings!  (Oh, and if you are invested in an S&P 500 fund you’ve got over 4% AAPL right there…)

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