The DQYDJ Weekender, 12/15/2012


Did you know that we have hundreds of broken links in our archives?  No?  You don’t care?

Well, I’m fixing them anyway. So dive in and read them.

Timeless Finance

Welcome Timeless Finance to our blogroll – they may not always show up since life is random and unfair, but I assure you they are worth reading.  Go do it now, subscribe, and read another blog that’s Actually Worth Reading.

Links We Liked!

  • No one has done more to keep an eye on the creeping dividend announcements as the year comes to a close as Ironman at Political Calculations.  Previously, he was using them as an indicator of upcoming recession, but dividend changes are also interesting as an insight into behavioral changes due to tax law.
  • It’s no secret that we’re fans of Control Your Cash – Greg and Betty don’t mince words when it comes to Personal Finance.  This week’s highlight?  Systematic elimination of financial charlatans, followed by some practical advice.  Read it.  You’re welcome.
  • One of the huge benefits of having bloggers around?  More people to watch the hypocrisy of people and their statements!  (See yesterday’s article for my attempt).  Money Smart Guides calls out the CEO of Costco for borrowing and moving forward their dividend payments after speaking at the Democratic National Convention.  Bravo; well done.
  • Our favorite comparison to a poorly-managed wallet is a poorly managed diet – and Len Penzo makes the comparison in a beautiful way.  Don’t like it?  Go for the hilarious picture of a couch potato.
  • We love Timeless Finance, which seems to be part of our obsession with Canada: you guys are awesome.  Keep fighting for hockey.  That said, I loved the article about, when it boils down to it, saving money on buying things by buying them in America.  A++ for demonstrating tax incentives and disincentives in action!
  • Blogress Andrea at So Over Debt has been self-employed for an entire year.  If you’re tired of stubborn avatars who ramble about day jobs, check out the flip side of the coin at So Over This.
  • Free By 50 had some interesting statistics on the income of seniors which I found surprising at first glance.  Take a look at the incomes of the over-65 set!
  • Krantcents had an article about whether college is worth it, and you know I’m a sucker for a fact-based numerical analysis on the merits of college.  His most interesting observation?  The well-ranked public schools generally pay off the best.  I, personally, went to the “Last Bastion of the Incompetent Rich” for EE and CS, and so far it’s working out okay… even though it did cost as much as a house in the Midwest.

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