The DQYDJ Weekender, 12/22/2012

Back to Boston tomorrow – let me know if you see a depressing trend on this site as I flip from 60-70 degree days to snow!

Links We Liked!

  • Math-Major Greg at Control Your Cash gives us a lesson on estimating odds – and he knows that you most likley aren’t very good at doing it.  Your choice quote?  “In our example, it doesn’t matter what you pick. In real life, it usually does.”
  • 101 Centavos had a post about the insanity of Delta Airlines entering the refinery business, in a takedown that only he could have written.  Well done.
  • Fi Fighter had an interesting piece on lifestyle deflation, where he literally compared his current living situation to his college self.  I think my college self would be embarrassed by the amount I spend on housing, but other than that he might be proud, haha.
  • American Debt Project had a perfect piece which illustrates our recent emotion vs. intellect piece perfectly: so stop dreaming and start doing.  It helped her – and yes, it could help you too.
  • Nelson at Financial Uproar had an interesting piece on share buybacks.  Roughly, they are usually done at the top of a company’s valuation, not the bottom – therefore hurting shareholders.  Luckily for you value investors, you’ll never have to deal with overvalued buybacks – since you only buy value, right?
  • Mr Money Mustache had a great piece on building a shower for cheap, and illustrated building a curb and pouring a sloped base.  Someday I’ll post the pictures and a writeup on how we did our two bathrooms, haha.
  • Beating Broke had a piece on mortgage insurance which is more fair than most posts I see on the subject.  While most bloggers complain that PMI is a massive burden that ‘doesn’t help you’, mortgage insurance is merely a piece of the contract – if you want to put down less than 20% on a house, you agree to pay PMI.  Without that, you might not have a house – so what’s the complaint?
  • The Financial Samurai wonders why mortgage refinances take so long.  I’ll be refinancing early next year – so I’ll let you know if it turns into late next year (likely, right?).
  • Deacon Hayes of Well Kept Wallet posted a piece on Money Smart Guides about combining finances when married.  My wife and I pretty much took the path of least resistance – we combined phones and car insurance, but left savings & checking accounts and credit cards separate.  So far so good!

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    Hola mate, what is the impetus for refinancing in 2013 vs in 2012? If you haven’t refinanced in a year, you are gonna LIKE what you find!


    • says

      Renovations, in my case – the kitchen is the last room left right now. I thought we might finish it this year, but too late now to start pulling it apart, haha.

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    Thanks for the inclusion. That is interesting that you guys still have separate accounts. Do you guys go over your account info every month while doing a budget?

    • says

      No, we are zero-budget types, heh. Actually, the name slips me now, but we do our steps in reverse – invest & allocate for renovations first, then spend the remainder. We have allocated certain responsibilities (my account covers the mortgage, for example, and she covers the phone). When we come up short we write checks back and forth before tapping other sources.

      Complicated? Haha, probably – but I don’t have the patience for a formal budget.