The DQYDJ Weekender, 12/9/2012

Hallmark Channel

How much Hallmark Channel are you all watching?  Sure, I’m mostly working on random stuff around the house, but I’ve caught a lot of it.  I can pretty much predict the plot from the first five minutes – but that’s probably the point, right?

Links We Liked!

  • Because Darwin’s children are human (and won’t get too excited about 1% annual returns), he’s established an ingenious bank of mom and dad to pay them 5% a month for their deposits.  No word yet on how he’ll introduce them to taxes!
  • Well Kept Wallet hosted a great guest piece from FI Fighter about convincing young people to invest in the stock market.  At work, not even large discounts can convince some new employees to invest – so this is a must read.
  • Dom at Your Finances Simplified fields some questions from a reader about saving up to buy a house.  His advice?  If it’s soon enough that you’re considering it seriously, you should be in safer assets – read the full details!
  • B.B. lives in North Dakota – a strange land with smart lending policies (well, and an energy boom) which avoided the real estate bubble.  Still, he’s seen broader signs of green shoots in housing – and wonders if you see them too.
  • JT @ Money Mamba sets his target on Stock Promoters – what’s the deal with these folks?
  • Joe at Timeless Finances shows you what your idle cycles can actually achieve – near $100/hour in credit card rewards.  Joe, care to share the effect on your taxes?

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    Tax implications vary. Cash bonuses from a bank for doing prescribed activities is different from getting a rebate bonus for spending $150 from MBNA in the form of a Sony Internet Player. Consult a tax professional in your jurisdiction lol.