The DQYDJ Weekender, 2/16/2013

It’s a brave new world, friends.  I gave my wife flowers for Valentine’s Day, and her first instinct was to post them on Facebook and tag me in the picture.

PK is in this Picture.

PK is in this Picture.  Keep looking.

As a commentary on Facebook, what does this mean?  Facebook is no longer for college students and it’s now been taken over by families giving updates on their lives?  Or am I just old?

Links We Liked!

  • Just like when my friends and I try to call ‘turning points’ in sports (often sarcastically) before they happen, Burbed is calling bubble-mania in the Bay Area with this $6.5 million scraper in Palo AltoBuy now or be priced out forever!  What could possibly go wrong?  You know $2,160 / square feet is a reasonable price to pay to knock down a house!
  • On the real estate topic, interesting article in Bloomberg on rents in New York City, and whether the BLS is using the correct methodology for determining rental inflation.  Any comments from your hometown?
  • It’s a travesty we don’t have more material from 101 Centavos weekly.  Anyone who tracks the ‘Redneck Portion’ of their stock portfolio deserves more reads.
  • JT at MoneyMamba discusses the Google driver-less car.  Are we doomed to be passengers in everything in life?
  • Sam the Financial Samurai has a tongue in cheek article about how to get the most reactions and amplification to your personal finance articles – target the lowest common denominator.  Here at DQYDJ?  We (currently, 8:32 AM PST) have 2,754 comments and 553 posts – we’re playing the long game.
  • Catherine Rampell on the New York Times Economix Blog graphs survey results from small business owners about their biggest problems.  No, “Government Requirements and Red Tape” wasn’t the biggest issue before the election (it was at around 20%, from 10 issues), but now there’s roughly a three way tie for the plurality with “Taxes”, red tape and “Poor Sales”.
  • Greg at Control Your Cash is one of those enlightened writers in the Personal Finance sphere who knows what an opportunity cost is.  But, yeah, by all means… pay off that 3.25% mortgage immediately!
  • AEI has the teen unemployment rate calculations versus the previous minimum wage increases between 2007 and 2009.

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    • says

      You nailed it – although I like to think if I were a flower I’d be something interesting like a Venus Flytrap. Of course, I’d probably end up being a dandelion.

  1. Jose says

    My wife did the same thing! The flowers were photographed, on facebook and my name tagged on them within minutes! Is that a “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” thing? I never would have thought of doing anything remotely like that!

    • says

      It must be – considering Facebook hasn’t yet been around a decade, it must be some sort of innate instinct to show off flowers to acquaintances?