The DQYDJ Weekender, 2/2/2013

Welcome to another edition of The Weekender, this one coinciding with the Super Bowl!  Before you ask, yes, I am depressed about the Patriots (although I am realistic – the core is old, folks), and I think I’m cheering for my adopted land’s 49ers.  Yeah, it was a hard decision – do I cheer for a division rival, or the Harbaugh I like least due to my college affiliation (Jim had a few upsets over USC while at Stanford)?  Maybe they both can lose?

Today we welcome Modest Money to our blogroll.  Jeremy at MM is also one of the first to give me something actionable to improve on this site.  What, you may ask?  Well, I cleaned up some of the HTML errors I introduced, but it looks like Shareaholic has to go.  Sorry bud, but I don’t think Google likes what you’re doing on the bottom of this page…

Links We Liked!

  • Old coins selling for more than their face values?  The New York Times Economix section highlighted a few!
  • On the ‘Improve Yourself’ front?  The Free Financial Advisor had a piece on improving your public speaking.  On that note, did you know that Joe and I have a podcast together?  The more of you that listen, the more people I speak to!
  • Nelson at Financial Uproar warns you to consider the sources of your information.  If all of your information comes from forwarded chain emails?  You’re doing it wrong.
  • Two interesting pieces on inflation this week – Free By 50 talked about how inflation is overestimated (especially on sites like ShadowStats, but I would argue regular CPI as well), while Money Smart Guides talked about hidden inflation in the food you buy.
  • In the whoops department – official numbers had only 124,000 jobs created during his tenure.  That has now been revised upwards to 594,000.  (Note: number of jobs is not the unemployment rate – a positive number of jobs must be created monthly to keep the unemployment rate stable).
  • The Financial Samurai had a discussion about minimizing – or even eliminating – your tax bill.  Timely, since California just jacked up our rates…
  • Jeremy at Modest Money short circuited the obsession with passive income in our niche to take a shot at passive blogging (it’s a bad thing).  New bloggers: don’t be like DQYDJ, be more aggressive.  (You’ll save a ton of time, haha).

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    Thanks for the mention PK. Instead of shareaholic, try the socialize plugin. I think it’s more SEO friendly. It’s good to have at least some kind of social sharing plugin on posts.

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      Yeah, I’m messing around with the widgets a bit right now, and figuring out the best place to put the widgets. I might make that one a bit larger, but I haven’t decided yet. That huge white space is supposed to be a slider on this theme.

      BTW, I’m down to 3 validation errors, and one of them is a DOCTYPE thing which I may just leave. I’m probably going to tackle my 2,000 broken links soon too, haha. Who has time to actually write articles, eh?