The DQYDJ Weekender 3/16/2013

Nice day to attend a wedding, isn’t it?

Picture of a brisket and a pork shoulder smoking.

Yesterday’s Dinner

Thanks to our friend Robert at The College Investor for highlighting us as a top-19 Investing blog.  We do our best on the investment front, even though we definitely write more on macro views versus micro.  Stay tuned for all sorts of weird writing you don’t normally see in a “Personal Finance” blog.

Hey, politics and economics can be personal.  Right?

Links We Liked

  • At Control Your Cash, an Ode to Stuff.  Just read it.
  • On io9, musings about the ‘Hive Mind’… the (possibly) pejorative name given to an ‘Internet-like’ neural network.  C’mon, io9, we already have a Hive Mind – it’s called Reddit.  If you want to know what a generic 20-year old Democratic voting cat-loving, spider hating male thinks, you’ll find out quickly.
  • Our friend Len Penzo had a piece on preparing for emergencies – of the natural disaster type, and the Economic.  As a Californian, I’d note that we are probably ‘due’ for large earthquakes, both North and South ‘sometime soon’.  Since you can’t predict an earthquake, you should keep some provisions on hand.  As for Economic?  I’m not convinced, but if it came to it the earthquake cache would serve you well.
  • We enjoyed the discussion about Financial Independence on Beating Broke.  Our article on FI vs. ER is coming soon, we promise… hold your breath!
  • We enjoy following QZ – and we enjoyed their treatment of renewable energy.  Go read it.
  • The rate of calculator production on Political Calculations puts us to shame.  Here’s Ironman’s take on the number of single person households over time.  Remember, the size of households makes a difference in the Household Gini coefficient – the one most often quoted as proving income inequality.
  • Our friend Jose at Wisedollar posted about Socially Responsible Investing.  At DQYDJ we follow a few rules in investing – avoid your own industry (tech for this guy), and predict the winds of regulation.  While I don’t generally touch things I’m sure will be regulated out of existence, I’m not opposed to making money off the bad behavior of others!
  • I’m a sucker for PF blogs dropping economic terms into their normal discussions – so go read fellow podcast star OG’s take on increasing marginal utility at The Free Financial Advisor.

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    Thanks for the mention! This is a great collection of reads. Now I have to chose between a sunny afternoon working in the or reading 😀

  2. says

    Thanks for the mention, Paul. Yes, living here on the southern end of the San Andreas fault allows my preparations to serve double duty.

    • says

      And I hear you (near the center of the SA). We don’t really have provisions for water, although I think our food would last a while. In an all out disaster I’m not far from a creek, so I could brave the bacteria and try that out, haha.