The DQYDJ Weekender 3/23/2013

Welcome to another edition of the Don’t Quit Your Day Job Weekender!

So, public question here – I’ve been asked a few times to do custom development as a contractor as a result of my work on this site (mostly because of my work on the calculators and visualizations – those are me, not Cameron or Bryan, haha).  I only picked up a few web sites so far, and not in the PF realm.

Anyway, my question… do any of you think I’d be useful helping add some interactivity to your sites?  Since I certainly won’t be quitting my day job, I wouldn’t mind writing code for people if the market could use that type of service.  Here’s some of the stuff I was thinking:

  • Article Interactivity – Calculators, Javascript Visualization (HighCharts?  Google Developers?), Basic Stock Apps (YQL or the like)
  • Data Mining – See ‘Data Driven Original Studies’ here.
  • Widgets
  • Applications
  • Integration with anything with an API

Good idea?  Bad idea?  Don’t quit your day job?  (I won’t anyway).

Links We Liked!

  • How often do people link to guest posts?  We’ll crack the streak – read the second entry from the long-lost third contributor to Control Your Cash.  We’ll wait for you here.
  • A silly article appeared on the New York Times Economix blog about online crowd-sourcing, like the Amazon Mechanical Turk.  So, what’s the solution to this “problem” Professor Folbre?  Enforce minimum wage laws from the US worldwide?  Don’t let people enter into contracts?  Only let people do tasks for free?  Outsource these activities to China? (Hey – video gamers do it.)  For the record, we’re against banning people from entering freely into contracts, full stop.
  • At Burbed, a showdown between a home designed by a world famous architect (with a garden designed by a world famous landscape architect) versus a generic 1932 ranch in Palo Alto.  With no listing photos.  1,300 square feet smaller.  Which would you choose?
  • We here at DQYDJ know a great acronym when we see one.  Read about Financial Samurai’s new Total Income Tax to Total Savings Ratio!  (Please update us in 6 months with some of the searches that readers use to find this article.  For science.)
  • The Freakonomics blog did a great summary on arguments about paying student athletes.  Nice to see the literature finally catching up to our point about athletes being underpaid (especially basketball and football players).  I’m not naive, though – do you seriously think scholarships are all that big schools are giving players?  (If you do, I own a bridge in Poyais I can sell you.)
  • Adina at Timeless Finance has her second straight home-related post, this time with some discourse on Doing It Yourself.  I promised you folks way back I’d do a series on that – sorry I haven’t gotten around to it yet.  Just the kitchen to go…
  • At My Journey to Millions, Evan demonstrates a reason to hate on his cash fund – he pays more in fees than the average bank account pays in interest.  Take that, Cyprus.
  • Our pal Mochimac airs our dirty laundry for the internet to see – well, she at least demonstrates our propensity to spend.  Don’t worry though, we don’t carry credit card debt.
  • I reserve the right to expand this into a series, but check out the new College of the Ozarks policy on student loans.  Awesome, haha.
  • If you’re an engineer, don’t make sexual jokes about hardware.  Or software.  Or forking repositories.  Or anything that will offend anyone, ever – or something like that.

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    Thanks for the mention! I promise, it’ll be something non-DIY related this week 😉