The DQYDJ Weekender (Week of 11/14/11)

Welcome to the first edition of the weekender – DQYDJ’s weekly update.  Previously I had tossed these things out like flyers in Vegas, but this format should allow me to make things a little more interesting for your reading pleasure.  Truth is… blogs don’t update as much on weekends.  Well, we like to refer to DQYDJ as a web site (Aristocrats!).  What’s the difference?  There is none, really.  Call us whatever you want.  Just remember we update on weekends.

Site Updates

I told you last week I couldn’t wait to annoy you with site updates as we expose ourselves to criticism on new social networks!  Want to talk trash publicly?  We’re now on Twitter (101 followers) and Facebook (22 likes).  What does that mean?  I’m sure it means we’re more legitimate than we were last week.  Good work, DQYDJ community!  Without readers like you to hate our writing we wouldn’t have had the incentive to start those pages.  Thanks for coming back.

Welcome two new web sites to our blogroll.  We highly suggest you click through to see what they are about!  In alphabetical order:

  • MoneyMamba – You’re probably sick of our back and forth link-love anyway, so here’s a permanent link on the right side of the screen!
  • My Journey to Millions – Evan is the man, and if his site was human it would also be the man.

Carnivals and Links

We finally get to some content…  No one ever said brevity was a skill necessary to write for DQYDJ!

Featured Links

Anything Else?

This section is new.  I’ll toss rants, facts and randomness at you that doesn’t fit in a full article.  Well, let’s not put that restriction on it… doesn’t fit into a full article, “yet”.  It’s going to be free form so don’t freak out if the format changes week to week.  Today, let’s just ask a question.

Readers, are you paying attention to the Republican Primary Race yet?



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      Jackie, thanks again for the opportunity! We got some great comments on that article, and I enjoy writing things that are a little different than my normal posts!