The DQYDJ Weekender (Week of 12/26/11)

I know it says the 26th, but this thing will be posted on the last day of the year.  You know what that means?  Just like all the other web sites you read, we’re going to recap our best articles from the year (in addition to our normal roundup)!  Lucky you!

I suppose this is also a good forum for you to complain that we only posted 1 content article last week… apologies.  Maybe if more than 100 unique visitors were coming a day last week we would have posted more?  (That’s our version of whining).  Here’s some good stuff you may have missed in 2011!

And the absolute best post of the year?  Our epic teamup with our pals at Burbed (certainly the snarkiest Bay Area site around) for:

Carnivals and Featured Links

Carnivals we were in this week (Look, it was vacation!  Give us a break…)

And we were rounded up just one time!  Again, vacation, that’s our excuse…

Featured Links

Rant of the Week!

Nah, not this week… c’mon!  Happy New Year!

Hope you’re ready for an even year – DQYDJ is partly a political blog, and even years tend to bring that out a bit (check out our archives from 2010).  We like all viewpoints, however, so don’t even think about holding your tongue!…  “Enlightened Discussion” means just that – if you have an argument which helps or hurts what we’re posting, we would love for you to post it!


  1. says

    I checked out Burbed for the first time.  That’s a neat resource for the Bay Area.  I also found a link to BadMLSphotos in their blogroll – hilarious!!  Happy New Year!

    • says

      Burbed is hilarious… I’ve got to say that their comments section is incredibly valuable when you go home hunting. Just search for the zip code you’re interested in and read all the comments, good and bad…

      I also suggest SF Curbed if you’re looking in the City.

      • madhaus at Burbed says

        Thanks for mentioning us, PKamp3! As long as Realtards keep trying to sell used houses the ay dealers sell used cars, we’ll have plenty of material!

        • says

          … and I’ll read as long as I’m just Drano and light bulbs away from being a landlord!

          I am excited about the eventual Burbed weekend post on the Presidential contenders and their stances on various Real Estate related issues!

    • says

      Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to making some interesting analyses… and some boring over-analysis-analyses which impress only 3-4 readers.

      If you want to team up on something, let me know! We will aim for the first type…