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What sort of cognitive dissonance does it cause when you read a new post in February and the title contains a data in January?  Whatamess!

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Oh Yeah, The Republican Primary

Bored with the primary?  We aren’t!  In lieu of a Florida breakdown, we will give you this… a total primary vote count.  We reserve the right to bring them back whenever we feel though, haha!

2012 Republican Primary Votes Through IA, NH, SC, FL

2012 Republican Primary Votes Through IA, NH, SC, FL

So, Mitt Romney has around 40.5% of total primary votes while Newt Gingrich has 30.89%.  However, Romney has 87 delegates to Gingrich’s 26, owing to Florida’s double rule break and not awarding proportional delegates.  An insurmountable lead?  Hardly!  Remember, 1,144 delegates are needed to win.  Even though the media (and, well, the betting markets) have heard fat ladies singing, there’s a lot of race left.  Also, note that Ron Paul’s Iowa delegates are in dispute (along with the Florida delegates).  Let the battles continue!

And remember, you heard about the Ron Paul and Mitt Romney alliance here on DQYDJ first.  Welcome Reason Magazine and The Washington Post to the party!  Who cares if they have between 1,000x and 100,000x more readers (I’m just guessing here…)?  Bring on the recognition!

Buehler?  Buehler…?


  1. says

    When Mitt Romney wins, Democrats will start celebrating Obama’s re-election!  That guy is OUT OF TOUCH with the public!

    I think we could very well die alone if we quit our jobs with the line of reasoning I provided.  Thanks for the mention! S

    • says

      I have heard the out of touch comment, but, as a person who was born in Massachusetts (and grew up in Rhode Island)… it is different there. The legislature is overwhelmingly Democratic so I’m not sure exactly how Romney would react if he was elected with Congressional control. I mean… Scott Brown was the first Republican from the MA delegation since the 1960s!

      I’m married and I’m staying at my day job… I think we need to spread that notion a little further, am I right?