The DQYDJ Weekender (Week of 2/27/12)

Does anyone actually recognize that we just had a leap day?  February 29 anyone?  Whatever, call it March 0.

Let’s lead by recalling the post I snuck out for you readers on last Friday, “More Personal Personal Finance”.  In that article I laid out my (PK) answers to a series posed by our friends at Make Love, Not Debt.  So far, I’ve enticed 3 victims to answer:

We were also honored to be featured in the Totally Money Blog Awards for February!  Surf on over there and check out all the winners, but of course Crowd Pleasers and Ones To Watch – where you’ll find us.  We’re glad we’ve pleased you; keep watching…

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Rant of the Week!

I don’t even feel like ranting, just celebrating the bull:

You’re looking at the charts for Yelp!, which just IPO’d yesterday.  It was priced at $15, so a close at $24.52 values the firm at $1.47 Billion.  Since its inception, it has made negative forty one million dollars in profit.

I didn’t get involved in this IPO, and I won’t be touching Facebook either, but feel free to keep sending money to the Bay Area.  We need it to surpass Washington D.C. again in income!  What was that catchy two word phrase which perfectly captured the mood of the last bubble?  “Irrational exuberance“?  Bring it on!



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      Haha, once I figured out it was a flat rate I knew I’d have to shift my style, heh. If you ever see someone looking for something more technical, send them to me or Cameron, haha!

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    It does seem like irrational exuberance down in the valley, but there is so much wealth generation going there that a lot of it’s gotta be rational, too. 😉 Thanks for the inclusion! :)

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      And we completely appreciate it… just remember, the market can stay irrational longer than anyone can stay solvent (with apologies to Mr. Keynes).