The DQYDJ Weekender (Week of 3/18/12)

More on That More Personal Personal Finance Thing…

I suckered JT at Money Mamba into finally taking the plunge.  Well done.  I hope you write more on The Land Before Time in the future.

Sites And Links This Week:

Links We Liked!

Radio DQYDJ?

Blogging friend Average Joe at The Free Financial Advisor asked us to participate in his podcast in future weeks.  Are we in (we meaning PK, and any Cameron Daniels I can scare up, considering he has actual radio experience)?  Of course!

As a Personal Finance Site, I suppose we need to break down our costs so far:

  • Prodipe TT1 (Dynamic Microphone) ~$28
  • Alesis MultiMix 4 (USB Mixer) ~ $62
  • 10′ XLR Mic Cable, 6″ Pop Filter, Boom Mic Stand ~ $40
  • (Possibly) Reaper Recording Software, $60.

… plus tax in your state.  You could do it cheaper; use a built in microphone or a USB mic, and record with something like Audacity (I would, but it doesn’t include ASIO support by default, and I don’t want to mess around too much with software not in my day job, heh).  Look (listen?) for us soon…

Busting Brackets

4th / 18 in my group… but with a definite path to victory.  I’m roughly in the 85th percentile on ESPN, mostly due to that horrible 2nd round performance.  Here’s what I’m working with (click to zoom):


Other than that stupid Missouri call which is still killing me, think I have a shot?

And yes, I know I owe some Home Improvement posts.  I’m getting there!


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      I just checked – 96.9% on ESPN, haha. I’m second in my group, but If Kentucky or Ohio State wins, I win. Fingers crossed!

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    Dude! Don’t make us look bad with all of your awesome equipment….you can’t have the best-produced segment of the show. 😉

    I’m glad you decided to join the fun. Next week both of our listeners are going to love your segment, I’m sure.

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      I am one of those two listeners! That’s awesome that you’re going to be on PK. I loved the first two episodes and have it set as a subscription in my Google Listen app. Can’t tell you how disappointed I was this week when there wasn’t a new episode due to Average Joe being out of town on business.

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        I’m there to drag down the quality of the rest of the show – comic relief (at me, not with me)!

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      I’ll see if I can get my parents to listen – it’ll double the listener count!

      (I’d ask my wife but let’s not push it yet – exponential growth!)