The DQYDJ Weekender (Week of 4/2/12)

How cool is that?  We technically gave you guys 4 new articles Sunday through Thursday.


Average Joe and the Other Guy at The Free Financial Advisor graciously let me join their podcast this week.  If you care what I have to say (or are just curious about what I sound like) go listen at their page.  What was my topic?  The “three account” method.  I’ll go into further (written) detail on this method soon.

Actually, don’t come for me… the other on-air talent outclasses me greatly.  Other than Average Joe and the Other Guy from the Free Financial Advisor, check out my co-podcasters:

Watch the Free Financial Advisor page Monday for a companion piece I’m also rolling Monday on the next topic!

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      I still have a combination of weeds, clover, and Kentucky Bluegrass (surprisingly resilient, considering there is no way the previous owner touched it in the last few years). I’ll get to the yard soon enough, haha.

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      Let me know what you think – I’m a newbie at the whole talking into a microphone pretending there is an audience thing, haha.