The DQYDJ Weekender (Week of 4/9/12)

Welcome back to the most Impersonal Personal Finance Website on the web!

Another week, another weekender coming to you from the Bay Area.  Just hours after I left a comment at blogging pal Nelson’s site Financial Uproar about how it rarely hails in the Bay Area, it… hailed in the Bay Area.  Must have been a Friday the 13th Thing.  On that note, read his article about getting a metal roof.

Still Podcasting

The second example of me boring people for 4-7 minutes in podcast form was posted at The Free Financial Advisor on Monday.  I have some inside information: I’ll be back this week!

Special thanks for my third favorite fan, Matt Allen, who (along with my parents) complimented me on my podcast!  Matt has an awesome blog himself, I demand you read it today.

Carnivals and Links

Links We Liked

End of the Road For the Republican Primary

We haven’t written much about the Republican Primary lately – Mitt Romney had gotten so far ahead that the odds of another candidate winning outright were ridiculously low.  Sure, a brokered convention was mathematically possible, but when even Pennsylvania looked like a tossup the odds were infinitesimally small.  In the race to 1,144 Delegates, right now (today) the breakdown is Romney 656, Santorum 272, Gingrich 140 and Paul 67 according to Real Clear Politics.  If the fat lady isn’t singing, she’s certainly warming up…


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    Dude, your part of the podcast is the best part! If they’d just swap out those two guys babbling for most of the show with more of your stuff, it’d be the perfect hour.

    Do you mean that your comments got eaten? I’m glad I’m not the only one. I felt like I spent half the week telling webmasters that their sites devoured my comments. I know I write inane drivel (like this comment), but I’m not a spammer.

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      Haha, my dad said he likes my piece but I sound like a professor. We agreed it’s hard not to when you’re riding solo. And yes, my comments always get eaten, and I have to solve every captcha too (annoying).

      Thanks Joe, appreciate that!

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    Let me go check out your podcast!  I plan on starting a 5 minute podcast myself soon.  Just need to find good software that is easily embedded with a play/pause button right there.

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      Sam, did you get to it? You;d have to ask Joe on the whole plug-in point, but on his site I am able to play/pause. Still, I’ve been listening to us through iTunes (FWIW).

      Let me know if you have equipment questions! I do a dynamic microphone (Prodipe TT1) into a USB Mixer (Alesis MultiMix 4) and I use Reaper for sound capture.

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    Thanks for demanding your readers to check out my blog! Your piece on the podcast really is that good, and I’m not just saying that because I’m apparently the lone listener of the show. All you need is a few of your patented “Haha’s” so we know that it’s really you! Haha. I am certain that the popularity of this show will grow as word starts to spread. Genius idea by Average Joe to include fellow PF bloggers.

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      Matt, I hope so too! It seems to be doing well so far – I’ve got to watch out it doesn’t get more subscribers than DQYDJ too quickly, haha.

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      It’s fun – and I can crank out pieces *much* faster than posts here. I can do a 4-7 minute including getting the topic in around an hour.