The DQYDJ Weekender (Week of 5/28/12)

Happy summer folks!  It’s time to avoid basking in the harsh light of your computer monitor and absorb some vitamin D… at least part of the day!  Thanks for spending your morning reading another edition of the Weekender!

If you want to get your DQYDJ in short bursts (and if you don’t, shame on you), check us out in the Worst of the Free Financial Advisor podcast over at Average Joe’s site.  In fact, go subscribe.  I’ll wait.
Links to Us!

Because if they like us… you know they have great taste.

Links We Liked!

Because other sites host some prime stuff too!

  • Do investors actually chase returns based on past performance – or is ‘return chasing’ an effect of increased marketing or some other factor?  The curious case of Bruce mutual fund at Money Mamba.
  • The duck of death makes an appearance at Financial Samurai when his stock investments take a hit in the current market.
  • At My Family Finances, as article on some costs you might not expect when buying a house (yet definitely should)
  • John at Married With Debt sets his sights on PMI, and works towards eliminating it in 2013.
  • I Am One Percent (which has to be in the running for top site names) has an interesting posts entitled, “Money Does Buy Happiness“.  My inner contrarian loved it.
  • Fellow podcaster Dominique at Your Finances Simplified lets you know how to fake it until you make it… and inspires me to put truffle oil on the grocery list.
  • At Family Money Values, a post on Mothers in Law (that’s the right pluralization, correct?  Like attorneys general?).  Hello to mine, a regular reader – and note that I’ll never have to be one!

Summer Breeze…

If you haven’t figured it out over the last few weeks, I’m falling back to the 2x a week and a roundup schedule.  Expect that frequency for the time being unless Bryan and Cameron write posts.  I’ll make them count!


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    Thanks for the shout out. My three day weekend is one third over (I almost thought today was Sunday). Hopefully the sun will shine in the Midwest. Thanks for the mention and enjoy that vitamin D.

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    Thanks for including and the tip on root incursion on water pipes. Definitely something I would not have considered in a million years.