Which Political Demographics Watch Which Sports?

From the offbeat category comes this awesome data set found through the National Journal.  Scarborough USA, a joint undertaking of market research companies Nielsen and Arbitron surveyed 218,000 people between August 2008 and September 2009 to try to figure out the political leanings of sports viewers.  Surveyors tried to figure out both how viewers self-identified politically, and also their likelihood to vote.  This data has been published, and here is is (on ManyEyes!) for you to play with!

Graphical Delight

As always, ManyEyes data is free for you to play around with and create your own visualizations.  If you make something interesting, drop me a line at pkamp3 (at) dqydj.net and I’ll send you a link!

Above the data is broken down into a simple bar graph. You can select multiple categories on the left side to change the visualization. Below I’ve visualized three aspects of the data: R-D index on the x-axis (further right = more Republican viewership), the percentage of a sport’s viewers self-identifying as highly motivated on the y-axis, and the size of the dot corresponds to the likelihood those voters would turn out to vote.

Grab the data set here and go wild!