1. freeby50 says

    No they will not kill HSAs. Nobody wants to do that.

    In fact HHS has recently issued guidance on the ACA that explicitly discusses deduction limits that match the current HSA amounts.

    • says

      I suppose we have different interpretations of the paragraph stating then-Senator Obama’s plans with regards to HSAs. So, maybe they are politically untouchable currently (I hope). I don’t know if I would bank on them sticking around long term, but I do like my own.

      Thanks for the pointer to the guidance – I was able to track down he HHS calculator (now posted at the top). My plan is a two tier plan, with 90% coverage for in-network post-deductible, and only 70% for out-of-network. Since my employer doesn’t pay anything into my HSA, I’m a bit worried – it gives me an actuarial value of around 65% depending on how much in and out-of-network coverage I predict. 5% over? Sure – but no factor for either employer cost of my insurance (premiums are paid) or my own contribution to the HSA.

      It seems the rulemakers have determined how to classify employer contributions to an HSA or an HRA, but not their cost of premiums, or my contributions.

      I also wasn’t able to figure out how to put some worst-case family plans in there (HDHP we’re looking at $6,500 deductibles and $12,100 out of pocket.) Worst case individual plans with 30% tier 2 spending & no employer HSA/HRA contributions are already in the mid 50%, so you’re talking sub-bronze level.

    • says

      Interesting discussion, although I guess it was inevitable the three firms would bring three estimates to the table. From all of this reading I think my plan might slot into the mid-bronze rating, but to the best of my tweaking on the HHS calculator I can’t get some of the larger OOP plans above the mid-50% AV.

      Of course, there could be a curveball thrown into the mix like the treatment of beneficiary HSA contributions or even treatment of the premium portion. I guess it’s just too early to tell (3rd inning?).

  2. Joe says

    It’s kind of ridiculous that I look at this, as somebody in a country with socialized medical insurance, and think “My god that is bureaucratic hell.” But at least you don’t also have a French law to interpret — to see the potential impact of hedging bets on an official language, google “Rogers comma case”.


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