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Taking the Market’s Temperature – Main Street Edition

We're on record as of last November predicting a plateau (well, technically we predicted a gentle upslope) in the American stock markets... at least over the decade ending November 2023.  As part of our hedging, we checked a number of indicators - including so-called "market sentiment" indicators - … [Read More...]

How Much Did You Save in 2013?

Some of our longer term readers enjoy this time of year on DQYDJ, because we post a Personal Finance article actually directed inwardly - namely, an expose of the PK household spending habits. We appreciate being held accountable on this front - it's hard to trust random voices on the internet, … [Read More...]

A Visualization of IRS Collections Since 1960

On this page is a visualization of the sources for tax revenue collected by the IRS between fiscal years 1960-2013 in the United States. All data in the visualization comes from the IRS's 2013 Data Book. Apologies to our cell phone readers - you should view this on a tablet, laptop, or desktop … [Read More...]

Oh, Your House? It Was a Bad Investment.

In this article, we present a Home Investment Calculator.  We estimate median values and actual returns for any of 356 American Metropolitan Statistical Areas in an attempt to tell all of our American readers exactly how well their homes have performed as an investment. Real Estate Return … [Read More...]

The DQYDJ Weekender, 4/19/2014

A reminder - you can get me in audio form too!  Catch the recent episode of Stacking Benjamins, where I talk about Dollar Cost Averaging. So, we're pretty annoyed about this whole Census Bureau changing their health insurance questions thing. You know, especially considering that the Census … [Read More...]

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The Fundamental Problem With Financial Models

I know you're in a real estate mood now that the election is done with... so let's talk about it more, if only tangentially. Hey DQYDJ readers, remember that whole real estate bubble popping thing which started a few years ago?  Now, there is … [Read More...]