Who writes for DQYDJ?  Why do they do it?  What day jobs do they work?  How do you hire them?  Can you license DQYDJ data?  Those answers can be found somewhere on this page.  

We’ve also done an interview with Mint, if you want to know even more about the team.

Who Writes for Don’t Quit Your Day Job…?

PK (mail PK) (follow PK on Twitter)

PK is a software engineer by trade, living and working in Silicon Valley.  He also (as of recently) runs the Computer, Tablet, and Phone price comparison & Amazon price tracking site called CompareLook (consider it a beta for now; your feedback – and you sending it around – is appreciated!)

He’s the webmaster and administrator of Don’t Quit Your Day Job, and the author of ~90% of the articles on the site (and all of the calculators).  For more PK, check out his segment on the Stacking Benjamins podcast, or follow the site on Seeking Alpha.

His hobbies mostly match his professional life: you can find many of his hardware projects through his Hackaday IO Profile here.  Here is a link to his Github profile.  PK writes C++ during the daylight hours, and mostly C, C++, Javascript, HTML, PHP, Python, R and VHDL at night.

PK’s Archive

Cameron Daniels (mail Cameron)

Cameron is an Economist working in finance and banking in the San Francisco area.  Odds are good that if PK didn’t write it, Cameron did.

Cameron’s Archive

Bryan Sullivan (mail Bryan)

Bryan is an electro-mechanical engineer living and working in the Boston area.  A Bryan article makes an appearance every once and a while.

Bryan’s Archive

Want to Hire Us?

PK is available to do freelance work, especially along the lines of interactive content, data mining, and online calculators.  Here are some of his formal qualifications (ask if you have something else in mind):

  • Languages: C++, C, Java, Javascript, PHP, HTML, R, TCL, Stata & SAS (Enough to translate to R)
  • Experience With: R, Excel, Eclipse, Qt, Emacs, Clearcase, Google Charts, Highcharts, Many Eyes, Sparklines, Data Mining

Think PK can help?  Ask him here.

Why Do You Write These Articles?

Advertising Inquiries

Contact PK if you would like to discuss advertising opportunities on Don’t Quit Your Day Job.

Guest Post Policy


We have a policy to only post guest posts if the following criteria are met. Note that we will label our guest posts and sponsored posts in the spirit of full disclosure.

  • You personally know the writers.
  • You carry on a dialog with us online (through whatever channel – forums, Twitter, Facebook, comments, email). Note that dialog doesn’t include “one comment right before you ask”.
  • We ask you to guest post, either through a blog swap or our reaching out.
  • We write a response or react to your article. If you think we’re wrong in our reaction (or even if you don’t), let us know and we can air your counterpoint or even agreement.

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