Carnivals and Links, Week of August 10

Posts We Liked!

Check out the following interesting articles for the week, screened by your enlightened hosts:

  • Alternative Income Streams” – an article summarizing some of the common alternative income streams and what it means to develop them.  A nice checklist to compare against your own experiences.
  • Why Wal-Mart Supports an Employer Mandate” – an article about the weird news that Wal-Mart supports new laws (in committee) mandating a certain health coverage for all workers at companies.
  • On Causality and Correlation in Economics” – seeing as how DQYDJ features a lot of articles from an Economics point of view, this article is a home run.  Since correlation doesn’t prove causality, how do you find what causes what?
  • Most Individual Investors Are Poor Investment Portfolio Managers” – from the perspective of diversification (and risk based returns) comes this article on the failure of  individual investors to properly understand opportunity costs.  A great read, and well researched.
  • Your Income, Year by Year” – an article from the always interesting Political Calculations based upon 1997-2007 Census filings on average income by age vs. 18 – 24 year old incomes.  Includes the required calculator for you to estimate your future earnings based on this model (lets call it… Personal Net Present Value).


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