The DQYDJ Weekender, 11/17/2012

Weak Week Output

One article this week?  What’s up with that?

As much as I want to say that I was super angry at both people who want to drop math and people that think models are always an appropriate substitute for reality (mad enough to leave the article up all week…), I was re-modeling my bathroom.  That’s a model you can trust.  On a side note, the 12th was my birthday – a day spent tiling!

It’s extensively documented, and, lucky you, I’ll probably finally post some home improvement articles!

Links We Liked

Yeah, we didn’t read as much this week either – but there were a few standouts!

  • The host of the podcast I am a member of, AverageJoe, has pulled off his mask to reveal Joe Saul-Sehy, his true identity.
  • How does this post by JT at Money Mamba not have more comments and discussion?  He points out an actual way to make tons of money (or at least save you a ton of hard earned money), but he loses out to super generic articles on excuses bloggers make to justify new debt.  It’s truly a tragedy.
  • Nelson at Financial Uproar assumes that these weekly roundups and random and arbitrary.  Well, we randoms arbitrarily liked his hilarious ‘can you afford it?’ flowchart.  And yes, we’re typing this on an Apple product.  Swing away!
  • W at Off-Road Finance followed up on his Kelly Criterion series with a post about avoiding lotteries and reverse lotteries (but don’t necessarily avoid insurance, which often works in a similar way, heh).
  • The shortest article we’ve ever read at Timeless Finance still clocked in at 3/4 of 1,000 words – we know that feeling (other than these weekly roundups!).  Even though it was meant for Canadians, this American agrees heartily with all of the ‘best financial advice’ given!
  • Greg at Control Your Cash delves into the personal anecdotes for a post on being the change you want to be – at least in regards to your own finances.  (Like that turn of phrase?  you’ll understand it when you read the article)
  • The Financial Samurai had an interesting post about disaster insurance in the Bay Area.  Here in the southern reaches of the Bay Area, two story codes changed in the mid 1980s.  Before that it was commonplace to have a poorly braced garage on the first floor with the living area directly above – leading to some collapses during quakes.  However, single story homes using traditional framing are generally pretty safe in an earthquake – they come mostly bolted to the slab (or with a crawlspace), and wood is pretty good at flexing against massive forces.  Don’t expect your fireplace to hold up as well, though…

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  1. says

    I just wish earthquake insurance was cheaper. We see a big one every 10-25 years, you’d think the insurance companies would accumulate enough premiums to lower their costs for consumers! S

    • Funancials says

      This comment started as a rant siding with what you said about bloggers in debt justifying their new debt while helping others get out of debt. I love it.

      • says

        This response will be followed by me justifying every purchase I ever made to myself silently. I will talk myself into it.