The DQYDJ Weekender 5/11/2013

Picture of a pit bull in a pile of leaves.

He’s going to be mad when I clean those up…

I don’t have a lawn right now – just a pile of leaves.  One member of the family doesn’t mind at all…

Links We Liked!

  • Ironically, after engaging with our friends at Control your Cash and Hull Financial Planning about Timeshares (in the negative), we were followed on Twitter by a Timeshare company.  Kids, just say no!
  • If only we had more resources (we’re jealous, you’ll see) we would have attempted something like this awesome map at How Money Walks about the income inflows and outflows (ie: migration between states and regions) as reported by the IRS.
  • Nelson at Financial Uproar out frugals the frugal blogs with his list of top ten ways to be frugal.  For some reason, “steal things” didn’t make the list!
  • Worried about Carbon Dioxide?  So was Russ George, but his team set out to pump excess CO2 into a ‘dead zone’ in an ocean eddy.  The result?  Massively increased biomass and a restored eddy.  Funny, those checks and balances, isn’t it?
  • Mochimac at Save. Spend. Splurge. had a piece on the mindset of self-made millionaires.  She also commissioned (cost: free) us to make our millionaire calculator.  If you read our two sites, it won’t be long before you, too, join the millionaire ranks, eh?
  • Want to burn the rest of your Saturday?  Check out this epic word-association map of music from Furia.  It’s awesome, believe me.
  • On Monday, we posted about savings rates, and so did our friends at Boomer and Echo.  It’s true – great minds think alike.  However, our mind is little… so we aren’t referring to ourself here (although the minds at Boomer and Echo are certainly great!).
  • As far as I know, Ironman at Political Calculations is one of the few still watching the embarrassingly slow recovery in the teen employment rate… which conveniently lines up with the last minimum wage increases.  Yes, we’re not fans of minimum wage (but we haven’t done our magnum opus negative income tax piece… yet), but this is a huge feather for the cap.

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    • says

      At a minimum you’ll have a wealth of knowledge. (More on the S.S.S. site than here, of course!)

  1. says

    You shoulda seen the vile from one timeshare salesperson I received on Twitter. Unsubstantiated hand-waving, which made it even funnier! Thanks for the love! I enjoy reading your site!

  2. Funancials says

    I didn’t have a lawn a few weeks ago so I caved in and hired a lawn guy. I hate paying for something I can easily do myself, but I suppose that’s one of the gross satisfactions involved with lifestyle inflation.

    • says

      Haha, something similar happened to me. I lived in a condo before the house… and, well, you don’t need to cut the carpet. After about 4 weeks at the house I look outside and notice the lawn is getting ratty and patchy, with some long spots – and it clicked that “hey, that’s my job now”.

      I nursed it back to health.