The DQYDJ Weekender, 9/15/2012

Remember my fantasy squad I posted about?  1-0, baby.  So far, so good!

Links We Liked

  • In our ongoing discussions of the teenage unemployment rate, one thing we haven’t discussed is President Obama’s “Summer Jobs Program”, meant to stimulate teenage employment.  Luckily the brain(s) at Political Calculations corrected that oversight this week.
  • Len Penzo makes the case that bottle redemption fees are counterproductive, and curbside recycling seems to have higher participation rates.
  • Guess what: even if we don’t like some things, people will continue to do them.  Yes, that’s an argument for investing in sin stocks from Control Your Cash.  Read it.
  • Jen at Master the Art of Saving had a great piece on why “No Spend Days” are ridiculous.
  • 101 Centavos had a great article on working hard, with what I can only assume was a tongue-in-cheek (and hilarious) title.  The comments?  A bit anti-work (which should just inspire you to work harder!)
  • From Adina at Timeless Finance, sentiments ripped directly out of my frontal lobe and applied to a digital canvas about educational loans for advanced liberal arts degrees.  Also, when it comes to math there are no ‘opinions’, as she rightly pointed out.

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