The DQYDJ Weekender (Week of 2/13/12)

Happy Valentine’s Day, good people!  Our gift to you was a marriage related article (We’re expanding our repertoire!  Is this site maturing?) and the new social stats you see to the right ->.  It updates Twitter Followers and Facebook fans every 15 minutes, and Feedburner Subscribers every 12 hours.  I’m still working the kinks out, but my plan is to use average Feedburner subscribers over a week, instead of a number that fluctuates crazily every day – by as much as 40%!  Also, Feedburner occasionally returns ‘0’.  In that case it’ll take a cached number… so it’s possible that the Feedburner count could eventually become stale.  C’mon Google!

Note that I wrote is custom code (php, for what it’s worth.  I know you’re used to my javascript…).  If any of your have a site, hit me up in the comments and I’ll send you the code when it’s completed!

Carnivals and Links

Who linked to DQYDJ this week?  (Incidentally, we had our highest traffic day since 2010 during the Scott Brown election.  And no, we didn’t approach that 3 day run… maybe soon?).

Maybe the appropriate lyric would be “Light of the Love that I Found” (free link next week to the first commenter who gets it!)

Links We Liked


Go see the solitary post I made on Manteresting, so far.  Like it?

Over.  See you next week!


  1. says

    I don’t have anything against rich people, except those who sold out our country to get that way. The owner of this 1% blog and his wife worked really hard in high-income jobs to get where they are: they deserve what they have.

    But if some hedge fund guy walks up to me and brags about making a million dollars by sending American jobs overseas, I might punch his teeth in.

    There’s a difference between American hard work and ingenuity…………..and greed. 

    I think we have a right to call out people for their greed, especially when it is damaging to their fellow countrymen. We just need to be consistent. Two married college professors who went to grad school then got doctorates will probably be millionaires before most of us. Not a problem. Two married doctors will be millionaires too, they deserve it.

    People who earned their money doing distasteful things deserve no one’s respect. That’s where OWS gets it wrong. They lump everyone together and it’s pissing people off. Just focus on the people not worthy of respect.

    • says

      I agree – and no one should hate on him for how he made it to the top. Started poor, ended rich… isn’t that the American Dream?

      I would hope that even if it were the case that an investor caused jobs to be sent overseas that hey would have the social aptitude to not brag about it. I’ve got my fingers crossed (as an American-centric thinker, of course) that the US is becoming more competitive, relatively compared to other countries. Certain countries which previously were popular for outsourcing (like India) have become inundated with foreign firms, and by extension their own labor costs have increased. The obvious current exception is China, but overhead plus IP concerns is making China more expensive than it was 10 years ago. It may be a quarter of the labor costs, but logistics are expensive, and if your part is being sold out the back door as well you can’t maintain your edge…

      My problem with OWS wasn’t the fact that the movement got started; you can’t begrudge a group for mimicking other successful protest movements (like, say, the Tea Party). Once property rights were disregarded and the movement was embracing “1%ers” like Kanye West, Russell Simmons, and Michael Moore? It was like there was a general agreement that the top 1% was evil… unless they made money as an entertainer.

      I would love to see Occupy Wall Street come back as a protest against a too tight coupling of finance and Government, a protest of crony capitalism, and a political force emulating the successes of the Tea Party. However, occupying ports in Oakland and sleeping in parks? It may make headlines, but political change usually requires organization.

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    Thanks for the link PK!  Really appreciate it!
    Now for the free link question, since it is a Led Zeppelin song it could be one of two things 1) A line from the song or 2) A hint at who linked to you     My guesses are:

    1) Since you are clearly obsessed with the 99% living downtown I chose this line: I’ll watch the people go shuffling downtown
    2) Rambling Fever Money – for the Zeppelin song Ramble On

    Clearly I have too much time on my hands today but I figured my odds would be pretty good since no one has answered the question yet!

    • says

      Haha 2 would be a stretch eh? It was just a link heading, really… “all the links that I found”.

      Your prize is a free link next week! (I know you’re no stranger to that, but every bit helps right?)

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    Thanks for the mention. :-) Your follow/stat display is awesome, good work. I hate how feedburner subscribers change so dramatically. It’s also kinda embarrassing when you display the number and people come over and see a big fat ZERO. 

    • says

      As I write this one of the days came back as zero and it pulled me under 100 subscribers. I had it working with single day stats, but it broke with the week average.

      Better edit it!